Casablancas Crime Rate is Dropping Police Commissioner

Rabat – Crime in Casablanca has fallen sharply in recent years, according to Abdellatif Mouaddib, the police commissioner of the Grand Casablanca region.Speaking during the ceremony commemorating the 59th anniversary of the establishment of the Moroccan National Security, Mouaddib said that all of the main categories of crime have fallen, with robbery cases down from 24,651 in 2012 to 21,884 in 2013 and 20,606 cases in 2014.Abdellatif Mouaddib added that the robbery rate also continued to fall in 2015 with 17,786 robbery cases recorded from May 1st 2014 to May 1st 2015. There was a 29.2 per cent reduction of premeditated crimes. Carjacking fell by 38 per cent between May 1st 2014 and May 1st 2015.He also said about 124,191 students from 894 public and private schools took part in campaigns in crime, drugs and road accidents prevention organized by the General Directorate for National Security (GDNS)Traffic law infringements reached a total value of MAD135, 781,600 between May 1st 2014 and May 1st 2015. read more