Petr Hrachovec stays in Pfadi Winterthur

handball coachpetr hrachovecPfadi Winterthur 2Pfadi Winterthur 2335 6TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen2316 3HC Kriens-Luzern2330 Czech coach Petr Hrachovec (42) will stay in Pfadi Winterthur as assistant coach and part of the club management for one more year. Interesting fact is that Hrachovec led the best Swiss team in the last five years, Kadetten Schaffhausen and won three Championships (2010,2011,2012) in a row, but he lost the job in the previous season, and at the end, Kadetten was defeated in Play-Off final against Wacker Thun.Pfadi Winterthur is currently second team in the Play-Off League of six best teams. 5Wacker Thun2323 4BSV Bern Muri2327 1Kadetten Schaffhausen2340 ← Previous Story South American games (Men’s tour.): Brasil and Argentina on the way to the final Next Story → Danish Play Off preview: KIF Kolding and Skjern the biggest favorites read more