FM to represent King Mohammed VI In Inauguration Ceremony of New

Cairo –  Foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar will represent King Mohammed VI in the inauguration ceremony of Egypt’s president elect Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi slated on Sunday, according to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).  The inauguration ceremony, which will take place in the presence of representatives of several “sister nations” according to Egyptian agency MENA, follows the announcement of the results of Egypt’s presidential elections by the high elections committee which said that Al-Sissi won 96.91% of votes, that is 23.7 millions voters. King Mohammed VI had sent a congratulatory message to Al-Sissi on the occasion of his election as President of Egypt. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.

Fire guts historic Campbellville BB

(Update)The owners of the Maranatha Log House say they are suffering a ‘surreal amount of sadness’ in grieving the loss of the historic Campbellville landmark destroyed by fire overnight. The log house was a popular bed and breakfast, and flower shop — and the owners were popular members of the tight-knit community. They say the fire has destroyed all of their files and contact information — and anyone who booked an event there should contact them through Facebook. And while both owners and their three guests escaped the fire just in time — all five spent the day in hospital recovering from smoke inhalation.Log house owners Martha and David McPhee woke to a loud sound, and saw fire coming from the flower shop area. Within minutes, flames were ripping through the roof.Lescine Maitland is a neighbour: “I heard a pop, and then a muffled boom. And then I felt something vibrate in the floor so I thought, something’s odd. And then I started to see the smoke get blacker so I ran and yelled out my door. I heard a voice so I called over to Martha and said, are you ok, and she said, no.”Michael Skora is a neighbour: “They said it happened so fast, and David was carrying her out on her back so, just to get her out in time.The McPhees fled in their nightclothes, but David went back in to help the three guests escape.Lescine said: “He went back in to try to direct them, because when I came back with blankets this guest was coming out on his hands and knees with his wife or girlfriend on his back. And Dave was right behind them. And we just came across the lawn and watched the house go.”Milton Fire Department Deputy Chief Dave Pratt: “The fire was so involved we couldn’t sent crews in. Also we’re in a rural setting, no hydrants around, so we had to use what’s called superior tanker — used water source at Mohawk Raceway and we had four tanker trucks shuttling water to the pumping apparatuses.”The neighbours say they’re grateful it’s been so damp lately because for a while during the night it looked like all these houses were in jeopardy.Lescine said: “Miraculously, the winds they were calling for did not come last night. I thought i was also saying goodbye to my house as well.”The log house was built in 1850 and moved to this spot in Campbellville in the 70’s.Donna Sanderson is a neighbour: “They’ve done a lot with it inside, always old fashioned and beautiful, beautiful antiques and things they had. Our best friends next door are going to be, never there again. But they have a lot of family around so, they’ll be OK for the time being.”Fire Marshal investigators are still trying to determine how the fire started. read more