VIDEO Your Weekend Movies Cloud Atlas and Ben Afflecks look of love critic rating: 59 per cent. Audience rating: 93 per cent want to seeCatch up on all the recent Weekend Movies > WHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend?We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.Song for Marion(E1EntertainmentUK/YouTube)For fans of: Songs, older people, being streetAvoid if: Cute older people singing naughty words makes you feel a bit oddOlder people singing modern pop songs? Plenty of comedic fodder there apparently. The lovely Vanessa Redgrave plays Marion, a singer married to the cantankerous Arthur (Terence Stamp) who (according to the trailer that has only gone and told us everything that’s flipping going to happen up until the climax of the movie, thanks) finds herself too ill to sing with the local ‘unconventional’ choir… so Arthur steps in to help. Now that’s love. critic rating: 67 per cent. Audience rating: 75 per centCloud Atlas(TrailersPlayground/YouTube)For fans of: Epic, epic, EPIC filmsAvoid if: You preferred watching Tom Hanks taking to a football(The author of the book this is based on, Cloud Atlas, lives in Cork, so I’d firstly like to say a big ‘Hi there!’ to David Mitchell.) Ahem. This film adaptation of the award-winning Cloud Atlas was written by the Wachowski siblings (the duo behind the Matrix triology), and basically has ‘epic’ written all over it.Bringing us from the South Pacific to Britain to Korea, this movie examines the idea of the soul and reincarnation, using six different but connected stories. Sound as confusing as hell? It’s not exactly, and it looks like quite the journey. Like I said, epic.center_img critic rating: 65 per cent. Audience rating: 73 per centTo The Wonder(OptimumReleasing/YouTube)For fans of: Acting with emotions, man; Mont St MichelAvoid if: The description ‘an art drama about love’ makes you want to tell someone: ‘go love yourself!’Terence Malick (he of Days of Heaven) is back with a film all about love, and you just know that it isn’t going to be straightforward. Ben Affleck plays a man torn between his two beautiful lovers (Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams), but this being a Malick film we don’t see the subject approached in a straightforward fashion – his struggle is reflected in the turmoil experienced by priest Father Quintana (Javier Bardem).This got some mixed reception at recent festivals (notably at Venice), so don’t go expecting a run-of-the-mill film.last_img read more