Rabat World Leaders Champion Solidarity for African Womens Rights

Rabat-  President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca called on women worldwide to unite, while attending the Crans Montana Forum, Saturday in Rabat, Morocco.Following her participation in a discussion panel on women in African society Marie Louis Coliero Preca told Morocco World News that African women need support and solidarity from women around the world in order to fight for their basic rights.“This discussion allowed us to reflect upon the situation of women in Africa,” the President of Malta told Morocco World News. “I am convinced that the women of the world must unite so we can stand up in support of and in solidarity with women in Africa.’’ “We should unite together to support women in certain African countries where they make many sacrifices, and are fighting for their very basic human rights, such as the right to live, to have a family, to work for their children, and to receive an education.”“Unfortunately, there are women who still don’t have these very basic rights. So I think, such dialogues, such engagements and discussion should be an ongoing process,” Mrs. Maria Louis Coliero Preca concluded.Similarly, Mrs. Judith Amaechi, First Lady of Rivers State (Spouse of the Executive Governor), Nigeria, stressed the need to take action rather than simply hold discussions.“For me, as a woman who is the First Lady of an African country, I think it is action time. It is time for us to being to implement some of the discussions we have held over the years. We always have discussions on ways to help women who are active in women’s issues,” First Lady Judith Amaechi told Morocco World News.“I am here to show a practical example of the Empowerment Support Initiative, an NGO of which I am privileged to be the founder. What we have done practically to enhance women’s lives is to support them and teach them how to be self-sufficient,” she added.“But for me, the most basic thing to do is to support the young generation and the little children. We need to begin filling the gap by developing a system. We need to take care of the young children now to avoid the problems that we have today, in the future,” she concluded. “Violence can only reduced when we look at each other, at our neighbors, and try to provide a good environment for children, who will make change in the future and make a difference of the world.”Meanwhile, Bassima Hakkaoui, Minister of Solidarity, Women, Family, and Development, called on men to fight alongside women for their rights and to achieve gender equality in society.Bassima Hakkaoui also highlighted Moroccan political reforms that obligated government bodies to achieve parity between men and women.“The reform policy initiated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI has led the way to a more affirmative representation of women in politics, made public policies more gender-oriented, and improved women’s standing in society, ‘’ Bassima Hakkaoui concluded.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more