Flight simulator created in a garage using real Boeing 737 cockpit

first_imgHere at Geek.com we’ve covered a couple of very impressive home flight simulator setups. One managed to recreate a Cessna cockpit using 5 displays and a mix of standard and specialist PC hardware. Another is called the OVO-4 and actually sits you in a moving egg-shaped cockpit to add to the realism. In both cases, some version of Microsoft Flight Simulator was used.Both those examples pale in comparison to the project seen in the video above, though. It has been created by James Price, an Oakland Air Traffic Controller and private pilot who developed it in his spare time.What you are seeing in the video is an actual shell of a 1969 Boeing 737 100. Price housed the shell in a hangar where he gutted it and fitted the cockpit out with the systems contained in the real plane. 90% of those systems are usable as part of his flight simulator experience.It has been a 3 year project that saw the shell moved from the hangar to his garage at home where he continued to develop the simulation. He somehow found time to write custom software that allows him to fly anywhere in the world under any weather conditions as if in a real plane.It seems the only thing missing is motion of the cockpit during flight, but the displays that fill the cockpit windows, combined with a vibration system, would surely be enough to make this seem almost real.Outside of a real plane or training simulator, I think Price’s setup is about as real as it can get and jumps to the top of my most impressive simulator list. I don’t know which flight simulation software he is using, and can’t believe he implemented the whole thing from scratch. I’m assuming his software development was for the multiple other displays outputting information rather than the main simulator. If I’m wrong, this is an even more impressive build.via MercuryNews.comlast_img read more