Xbox marketing manager denies Microsoft is planning digital game tradeins

first_imgMicrosoft surveying Xbox gamers about potential digital “trade-ins”…should GameStop be concerned? $GME $MSFT— Colin Sebastian (@Colin_Sebastian) March 21, 2016 @Colin_Sebastian We are not actively planning such a thing. Always asking questions to understand the needs of our fans. No need to worry— Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) March 21, 2016 @michaelpachter Yeah we are not actively planning such a thing, surprised it was even asked in a survey. Not fire being played with :-)— Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) March 21, 2016 A recent leaked Xbox survey asked if costumers would be interested in selling back games bought digitally for 10 percent of the original purchase price. This obviously caused some waves considering how brick and mortar stores like GameStop make most of their revenue from selling used copies of physical games. Industry analysts Michael Pachter and Colin Sebastian even said that Microsoft was “playing with fire” if they were truly considering a sell back option for digital games.Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg has responded to Pachter and Sebastian on Twitter, saying that the survey is simply exploratory and isn’t an indication that Microsoft is going in this direction.Microsoft playing with fire, planting the seed that they would even consider credits for “trade in” of digital game rights. @aarongreenberg— Michael Pachter (@michaelpachter) March 21, 2016 According to GameSpot, Colin Sebastian told investors that this survey could “stir up concerns” about GameStop’s used sales business, but that the 10 percent figure was below the average trade-in price offered by the retail giant. He also said: “While disclosure of the Xbox survey might create some noise near term, we believe that perceived threats to GameStop’s business would likely be overstated.”Greenberg seems to have nipped this particular issue in the bud, but I suspect that the idea for digital trade-ins will fully catch on in the future. Considering how well digital games are selling and will continue to sell, such an option may be inevitable. How this will impact retail stores is anyone’s guess, but concerns over how digital game trade-ins could negatively affect brick and mortar shops are warranted. I suspect places like GameStop will have something to say about this subject sooner rather than later.last_img read more