Download new standard notice for design and production testing of EV batteries

Sponsored by IkonixMeeting Safety Agency requirements provides trust and peace of mind to customers when using your products. Don’t miss a standard when designing or producing your products. This Ikonix USA Standard Notice highlights the requirements for UL 2580 2nd Edition design and production testing of batteries for use in electric vehicles and the safety analyzers that will help you meet your standards.The UL 2850 2nd edition standard covers electrical energy storage assemblies for use in electric-powered vehicles. This standard evaluates your product’s ability to safely withstand simulated abuse conditions and prevents any exposure of hazards to a person because of misuse.Other common safety standards that require high voltage testing for battery packs and battery cell insulation:IEC 62133-2:2017 Safety Requirements for portable sealed secondary lithium cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications – Part 2: Lithium SystemsUL 2054 2nd Edition – Household and Commercial BatteriesTo find the right safety tester for your application download the free standard note: Source: Electric Vehicles Magazine read more