Steam has Final Fantasy VII VIII but wont let you buy them

first_imgIf you ask anyone who owned a PSOne to name one of their top games, most people would mention Final Fantasy VII. For a lot of players that’s still the best Final Fantasy game ever released.As you may or may not know, FFVII and it’s followup FFVIII both got ported to the PC. However, it was a straight port of the console version meaning it brought nothing new and suffered because of it. There was also reports of it crashing a lot, especially on more modern versions of Windows.Recently some investigation work by RPGSite on Steam has revealed both games are listed on the service. Better yet, they seem to have been modified meaning someone has attempted to update both games to work on the latest versions of Windows. Unfortunately you can’t purchase the games as they are hidden within Steam’s registry.Both games were found using the Steam Registry Toolkit which allows you to look at the internals of Valve’s digital gaming service. There’s actually four listings for the game as you can see in the screenshot below:Accompanying them is a launcher application very similar to the one released by modder Tobias Sebring back in 2007 for making the original 2000 Eidos ports work on the latest versions of Windows. The launcher also allowed higher resolutions to be used for the game. So it does look like Square Enix was attempting some form of re-release, but the files haven’t been touched since last year.If we had to guess we’d say the games were added as part of Eidos’ back catalog, but have since been put on indefinite hold as Square Enix acquired the publisher and probably doesn’t want the games re-released in anything other than perfect working order.Will we ever see FFVII and FFVIII become available on Steam? I highly doubt it unless Square Enix decides to celebrate one of the game’s upcoming anniversaries with an update for PC gamers. I don’t think PC is a platform they are really concerned about, though, as is the case for a lot of game publishers today.Read more at RPGSitelast_img read more