Watch Nokias beautiful N9 become a smartphone

first_imgIt’s almost certainly not on your wishlist, but the Nokia N9 is an incredibly cool handset. The Meego-powered smartphone might be a dead-on-arrival, considering Nokia’s upcoming move to Windows Phone 7 and all the news that is about to drop at Nokia World 2011, but it’s an undeniably interesting piece of hardware. After all, the atoms were never really Nokia’s problem — the company could put out an amazing handset when it wanted to, it was just the bits that got them in the pickle they are in today.Clearly excited about the construction of the N9, Nokia put out this How It’s Made-style video that details the smartphone’s construction. It’s immediately clear that this is a well-built device and Nokia’s team takes great pains in crafting it. The slick body is milled from a single piece of polycarbonate, using a process not unlike that used by the unibody MacBook Pro. And the details are quite impressive too–for example pieces are hand finished to remove any sharp edges.Some other quick things to note in the video are its obsession with the protective stickers that are painstakingly removed from the interior components, the totally random and unnecessary outdoor shots dropped in throughout the video, the employees’ super cool “Poly-Fit 1A” antistatic gloves, and the superfluous pocket protector shot at 2:04.While it is amazing to watch the N9’s construction process, it’s also a bit said to consider how much tooling and work had to go into a failed phone. There was a significant investment on Nokia’s part, and we’ll have to hope that they can carry over this flagship’s design (or at least some of the design language) to their upcoming Windows Phone devices. It would be tragic to have something so handsome die out just because its OS is dead in the water (though it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this happen).Even if you don’t care about the OS, don’t get too attached to the N9… it’s not available in the US.via TechCrunchlast_img read more