Acers answer to AirPlay is called Clearfi

first_imgAs Acer announced their tablet plans yesterday afternoon, one point they kept on laboring was interactivity between devices. Not only did they want their tablets (and presumably other devices) to feature the same user interface and the same software elements regardless of whether they were running Android another operating system, they wanted you to easily be able to share your media between devices too.Enter Acer’s new media sharing software platform, Believing that it is far easier to share media if that media is localized in one location under one interface and linked to one system, the idea is pretty simple: if your media Acer machine is hooked up to your WiFi network, it should be possible to stream all of that device’s media to every other Acer machine in the house.AdChoices广告Sound family? Yup, Acer’s is their own custom-baked answer to Apple‘s Airplay. As such, will automatically detect connected network devices and allow you to stream any content that is streamable, whether video or audio, between devices with ease. That’s not all that does, though: it also operates as a hub to share media on the internet on social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. It’s an interesting system, but really, the chances of every device on your network being an Acer is pretty slim to none, unless you’re an Acer employee. My initial impression? This is just an AirPlay also-ran, and we won’t hear too much about it once it’s released.last_img read more