Selected quotes on Trump tariffs from various sources

first_imgOTTAWA – Selected quotes on President Donald Trump’s announcement of new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports:“Due to the unique nature of our relationship with Canada and Mexico … we’re gonna hold off the tariff for those two countries.” Trump, announcing the tariffs at the White House.———“If we don’t make the deal on NAFTA, and if we terminate NAFTA … we’ll start all over again. Or we’ll just do it a different way. But we’ll terminate NAFTA, and that’ll be it. But I have a feeling we’re gonna make a deal on NAFTA… If we do there won’t be any tariffs on Canada, and there won’t be any tariffs on Mexico.” Trump said during the announcement.___“I conclude that Canada and Mexico present a special case. Given our shared commitment to supporting each other in addressing national security concerns, our shared commitment to addressing global excess capacity for producing steel, the physical proximity of our respective industrial bases, the robust economic integration between our countries, the export of steel articles produced in the United States to Canada and Mexico, and the close relation of the economic welfare of the United States to our national security … I have determined that the necessary and appropriate means to address the threat to the national security posed by imports of steel articles from Canada and Mexico is to continue ongoing discussions with these countries and to exempt steel articles imports from these countries from the tariff, at least at this time.” An excerpt from the formal presidential proclamation signed by Trump.———“We’re staunch allies in Norad in NATO and all along our 8,891-km peaceful and secure border. That Canada could pose any kind of security threat is inconceivable.” Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.———“Today is a step forward. There is more hard work to do. We are focused on getting a good result for Canadians. As we move forward we will be thorough, measured and effective.” Freeland.———“While it is important to recognize that we are still facing challenges, I am pleased that we got the decision we fought for — the one that protects workers and businesses in Ontario’s steel and aluminum industry. It speaks to the success of Ontario’s strategy of extensive outreach to U.S. leaders during this period of uncertainty.” Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.———“This isn’t a victory, it’s a threat. The U.S. is now holding tariffs over Canada’s head at the NAFTA table ahead of the next round, which uncoincidentally will take place in Washington.” Jerry Dias, national president of Unifor, Canada’s largest union in the private sector, with 315,000 members.———“Canada should be exempt from these tariffs, fully and without condition. We are a partner of the United States in NATO and NORAD and Canada’s steel and aluminum industries provide a critical source of supply for American businesses and for American defence needs. Far from being a problem for the U.S., we are their ally, their supplier and their customer.” Perrin Beatty, president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.———last_img read more