Pageant Newcomer Ginger Mumman Crowned Little Miss Ocean City 2018

first_imgBy Donald WittkowskiNever say there is no such thing as beginner’s luck. Just ask Ginger Mumman.Competing in her very first beauty pageant, the 10-year-old blonde was crowned Little Miss Ocean City 2018 on Friday night amid a crowded field of 27 contestants ranging in age from 8 to 12.Appearing stunned when they called her name as the winner, she broke into tears of joy and continued to cry while Little Miss Ocean City 2017 Charlotte Erickson placed the silver tiara on her head.“I’m so excited right now. There are so many emotions rushing through my head,” Mumman said while accepting hugs and congratulations from well-wishers.Her parents, Christa and Patrick Mumman of Ocean City, seemed as surprised as their daughter.“This is shocking,” Patrick Mumman said, shaking his head in astonishment. “This is the first time she’s ever entered a pageant. To hear her name called was a shock.”Ginger Mumman and her family celebrate her win.Ginger Mumman, who will enter the fifth grade at the Ocean City Intermediate School in September, believes her classmates may be a bit shocked, too.“I think they’ll say, ‘Whoa, how did you do it?’” she said with a laugh. “I can’t wait to see them. This is so amazing.”Mumman displayed poise in front of the audience from the very beginning. When she came out on stage at the Music Pier to introduce herself at the start of the pageant, she reached for the microphone, but it slipped out of the stand into her hand. Without missing a beat, she calmly placed the mic back in the stand, announced her name and flashed a big smile.“I was a little bit nervous when that happened,” she said of the loose mic. “But I got back on track and everything seemed to go better after that.”Grabbing first runner-up honors was Annie Farrell, 10. Camryn Schultheis, 11, was second runner-up, Erin Coughlin, 11, was third runner-up and Makenna Fleming, 10, was fourth runner-up.Contestants perform in the poise and composure competition in the pageant.Contestants were judged on scholarship, talent, poise and an interview segment with the judges.Mumman won the interview segment, but that portion of the pageant was conducted with the judges before the public part of the show got underway. For the talent segment, she performed a dance routine to the song “When I Grow Up.”Mumman’s pageant duties in the next 12 months will keep her busy. Little Miss Ocean City joins with Junior Miss Ocean City and Miss Ocean City in parades and other promotional events for the town.Mumman explained that she decided to enter a beauty pageant for the first time because she wanted to become an ambassador for a town she has grown to love.“It’s amazing that I’ll be able to represent the town. I care about it so much,” she said.The Little Miss Ocean City Pageant has been sponsored by the city’s Recreation Department for the past 28 years. Kristie Fenton, the pageant’s executive director, praised all of the contestants.“In my mind, they are all winners,” Fenton said.Erickson, Little Miss Ocean City 2017, was honored Friday in her last night as pageant queen. In her farewell remarks, she said that serving as Little Miss Ocean City allowed her to become “the girl I always wanted to be.”“This year was the best year of my life,” she said.Little Miss Ocean City 2017 Charlotte Erickson, in yellow dress, leads the contestants in the pageant’s opening number. A tearful Ginger Mumman accepts the congratulations from her fellow contestants immediately after she is crowned.last_img read more

Caz’s Pigskin Picks-Week #3

first_imgLAST OUTING: Wes-Del defeated Cambridge City Lincoln, 32-0. North Decatur defeated Edinburgh, 41-6. LAST OUTING: Greensburg defeated Jennings County, 32-13. Connersville lost to Franklin County, 25-22. Caz’s Pick:   Indy Arlington SAGARIN RATINGS: Batesville, 45.74, 181st overall, 38th in Class 3A. South Dearborn, 33.45, 235th overall, 57th in Class 4A. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Rushville 0-4, Franklin County 0-4. Greensburg (1-1) at Connersville (0-2) SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Batesville, 11-4. SAGARIN RATINGS: Greensburg, 57.26, 117th overall, 22nd in Class 3A. Connersville, 45.73, 182nd overall, 47th in Class 4A. LAST MEETING: North Decatur, 46-8, Aug. 31, 2012. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Oldenburg Academy 2-0, Indianapolis Arlington 1-3. Lawrenceburg (1-1) at Milan (1-1) LAST OUTING: Oldenburg Academy lost to Southside HomeSchool, 42-19. Indianapolis Arlington defeated Traders Point Christian, 54-6. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Knightstown 1-3, South Decatur 2-2. LAST OUTING: Rushville defeated New Castle, 21-17. Franklin County defeated Connersville, 25-22. GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Trojan Field. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Knightstown, 1-0. LAST MEETING: East Central, 31- 14, Oct. 13, 2006. Caz’s Pick:  LaSalle GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Wildcat Field. Oldenburg Academy (0-2) at Indianapolis Arlington (1-1) Here are my picks for the week.Enjoy your Weekend and check out a Football Game in your area.Be sure to listen to Country 103.9 WRBI and for our games. SAGARIN RATINGS: Franklin County, 52.75, 141st overall, 31st in Class 4A. Rushville, 48.17, 167th overall, 33rd in Class 3A. LAST MEETING: Franklin County, 25-20, sectional, Oct. 19, 2001. Cincinnati LaSalle at East Central (0-2) OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Cincinnati LaSalle 0-0, East Central 2-0. Caz’s Pick:  South Decatur SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Lawrenceburg, 9-3. Wes-Del (1-1) at North Decatur (2-0) GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, The Tee Pee. SAGARIN RATINGS: Lawrenceburg, 60.86, 102nd overall, 18th in Class 3A. Milan, 44.24, 189th overall, 26th in Class 2A. SAGARIN RATINGS: Knightstown, 43.95, 191st overall, 27th in Class 2A. South Decatur, 27.17, 259th overall, 32nd in Class 1A. LAST MEETING: Knightstown, 64-28, Aug. 31, 2012. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Cincinnati LaSalle, 5-2. GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Charger Field. SAGARIN RATINGS: North Decatur, 36.43, 222nd overall, 20th in Class 1A. Wes-Del, 11.01, 305th overall, 52nd in Class 1A. COACHES: Ryan Knigga, 17-9 in 3rd year at Lawrenceburg. Ed Wagner, 1-1 in 1st year at Milan. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Franklin County, 1-0. COACHES: Brad Hess, 1-1 in 1st year at Wes-Del. Garry Sauley, 71-61 in 14th year at North Decatur. COACHES: Wes Gillman, 0-2 in 1st year at Oldenburg Academy. John Boggs, 1-1 in 1st year at Indianapolis Arlington. SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Arlington,-2.29, 324th overall, 63rd in Class 1A. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Batesville 1-3, South Dearborn 3-1. LAST OUTING: Lawrenceburg lost to Taylor, 28-0. Milan lost to Batesville, 21-7. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings. GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Golden Knights Field. LAST MEETING: Batesville, 41-19, Aug. 31, 2012. GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Spartan Field. COACHES: Scott Moore, 29-23 in 6th year at Greensburg. Adam Kelly, 7-6 in 2nd year at Connersville. GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Siebel Field. LAST OUTING: East Central lost to Harrison, 34-6. SAGARIN RATINGS: East Central, 68.69, 63rd overall, 12th in Class 4A. Batesville (2-0) at South Dearborn (0-2) LAST OUTING: Batesville defeated Milan, 21-7. South Dearborn lost to Madison, 37-10. GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Knights Stadium. Rushville (2-0) at Franklin County (2-0) SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: North Decatur, 1-0. Caz’s Pick:  Franklin County Caz’s Pick:  Batesville OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Wes-Del 2-2, North Decatur 1-3. OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Lawrenceburg 0-2, Milan 3-1. COACHES: Justin Roden, 0-2 in 1st year at East Central. Caz’s Pick:  North Decatur Knightstown (1-1) at South Decatur (1-1) OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Greensburg 1-3, Connersville 3-1. COACHES: Kevin Miller, 1-1 in 1st year at Knightstown. Rod Martin, 17-25 in 5th year at South Decatur. COACHES: Eric Heppner, 122-77 in 18th year at Batesville. Chris Nobbe, 0-2 in 1st year at South Dearborn. LAST OUTING: Knightstown defeated Hagerstown, 40-13. South Decatur lost to Eastern Hancock, 50-6. COACHES: Rocky Alspaugh, 60-70 in 14th year at Rushville, 80-90 in 18th year overall. Shane Wellman, 8-6 in 2nd year at Franklin County. LAST MEETING: Lawrenceburg, 45-16, Aug. 31, 2012. Caz’s Pick:  Milan Caz’s Pick:  Connersvillelast_img read more