first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? IS IT TRUE that we would like to thank area road crews for doing an outstanding job in keeping our roads clean and safe during yesterdays winter storm?  …we are also very pleased that our first responders were really to handle any unforeseen emergency during the impending winter storm?  …we give five (5) cheers to our area road crews and first responders for a job well done?IS IT TRUE that a couple days ago Channel 25 TV did an investigative piece on the McCurdy? …according to Channel 25 TV report that owner of the McCurdy have problems with the elevators, pest control issues, allowing free access to anyone wanting to enter the building because the main entrance doors are not locked, trash is allowed to accumulate in lobby and stairwells, deferred maintenance issues, they are defendants in over 60 plus lawsuits, allegedly not handling rental deposit refunds properly? …if the issues raised in the Chanel 25 investigative report are true it looks like the McCurdy may have City Codes, Vanderburgh County Board of Health Department and OSHA violations that need to be addressed?IS IT TRUE that starting in January 2019 the Vanderburgh County School Board will have two well qualified and independent thinking School Board members?  …they are Ann Ennis and  David Hollingsworth?  …we expect that Ennis and Hollinsworth will encourage the EVSC Superintendent of Schools to be more transparent? … we don’t expect that the school board will be any making decisions behind closed doors?  …it may be even possible that the new School Board could even adopt a policy ending the practice of “nepotism”?IS IT TRUE starting in January 2018 a new era in local county politics will begin?  …the Vanderburgh County Commision will have a banker, successful businessman and knowledgeable person in of how government works?  …we expect that County Commissioners Cheryl Musgrave, Ben Shoulders, and Jeff Hatfield will do great things for the citizens of Vanderburgh County starting January 2019?IS IT TRUE  it been reported that a Congressional sub-committee heard testimony from Department of Veterans Affairs officials concerning computer problems that have caused GI Bill benefit payments covering education and housing to be delayed for months or never be delivered? …because of this unacceptable bureaucratic mistake that many veterans are facing serious debt problems or even homelessness because of this issue?  …that the Veterans Affairs official that caused this unacceptable problem was demoted instead of being fired?IS IT TRUE that Kathryn Martin retained her position for the third time as Knight Township trustee in the recent mid-term election?  …that Democrat Martin crushed her opponent by a margin of 8 percent? …Ms. Martin beat her challenger, Johnny Kincaid, by 1,671 votes? …we congratulate Kathryn Martin for getting elected to a third term?    …we commended Mr. Kincaid desire to serve the public in an elected office?  …that Mr. Kincaid has run for several political offices in the past and always fell short of being elected?  …feel that Mr. Kincaid should approach the mover and shakers of his party and ask them to appoint him to a meaningful board or commission because we feel he has the talent and desire to serve us well?IS IT TRUE that over the years that there has been talked about locating a “Slack Water Port” in the Evansville area?  …that the need for such a port is because of the goods being shipped by containers?  …that many of thousands of containers arrive at blue water ports in the United States every day?  …we wonder when will our locally elected city and county officials look into this issue? IS IT TRUE  the committee that’s was in charge of moving and redesigning the Kids Kingdon at Sunset Park really did a bang-up job?  …we would like to thank Evansville Chief of Police Billy Bolin, Mayor Winnecke, the Kids Kingdon committee and community volunteers for building an awesome playground for the kids? IS IT TRUE the old casino boat has left Evansville with lots of memories and has not only made lots of money for the owners but also added much-needed money to the city coffers? …that Tropicana on the other hand now has a plush new land-based casino that took $50 Million dollars to build and is an awesome upgrade from the old boat?  …the employees are very accommodating, the food at the buffet and deli are affordable and delicious, the gaming offerings are extremely impressive?…we highly recommend that you visit Tropicana-Evansville because its this regions best gaming establishment?IS IT TRUE we want to commend Evansville Police Department media spokesman Jason Cullum for doing an outstanding job of keeping the public aware of the policing activities of the EPD?  …Jason Cullum is considered to be one of the top law enforcement media spokesmen in Indiana? IS IT TRUE In honor of men’s health month, St. Vincent wanted to share a story with you about St. Vincent pediatrician, Dr. Jon Voyles who suffered a heart attack earlier this year and found himself in St. Vincent’s emergency room? … Dr. Voyles is encouraging men to see their doctor regularly?  …St. Vincent has produced a video with Dr. Voyles sharing his story?  …if you are interested in seeing this video or would like to speak to Dr. Voyles and his cardiologist, Dr. Frizzell so you can learn more about this story please contact Tangela Floyd, Director of Public Relations at 812-485-4044 or e-mail her at mailto:[email protected]?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that elected officials should be allowed to award no-bid contracts to people who give contributions to their political campaigns?If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. 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