Chill Hand Rolled Ice Cream is a Cool Place

first_imgChill Hand Rolled Ice Cream is located at 508 E. Eighth Street in Ocean City. By PHOEBE PRETTYMANAnyone looking for a treat to cool down or in need of something sweet should check out Chill Hand Rolled Ice Cream.This unique ice cream shop is located on Eighth Street between Central and Wesley avenues in Ocean City. There is another one in Sea Isle City at 3500 Boardwalk.Both locations are an ideal place to indulge in a frozen treat. Locally owned and operated by husband and wife team Michael Conroy and Anita Pugliese and their children, the shop is in its third summer in Ocean City. They opened the store in Sea Isle two years ago.Chill Hand Rolled Ice Cream stands out from the rest due to the unique versatility within its creations. Customers can choose from six flavors as a base and then select their own toppings.The menu shows many options to choose from to build your own creation.There is a menu of just about a dozen ideas of combinations. However, most customers choose to create their own.Much like the ice cream, the experience is cool. The employees make the ice cream right in front of you. This aspect allows them to manipulate the flavors.Anita Pugliese explained how they use “all premium and fresh products” and then add mix-ins to create different flavors, depending on a customer’s preference. There is an endless amount of possibilities.Employees make the ice cream by hand while customers watch on the other side of the glass.To top it all off, Chill Hand Rolled Ice Cream adds a generous amount of its fresh, homemade signature blue whip cream to finish each creation. It’s called “Chill Whip.”There are also options that vary from the traditional ice cream. They include a vegan option in the flavor of sorbet and a lactose-free vanilla flavor. There really is something for everyone.New flavors and creations are always welcomed. Customers’ creations can become the “Flavor of the Day” and if it is popular, may even become an option on the menu. The employees at the shop are always looking to give customers exactly the creation they desire.Imagination is encouraged at Chill Hand Rolled Ice Cream. A new type of treat was recently added to the menu after the owners learned of the creation. It is called an Aussie Bowl. This invention includes ice cream, cereal and fruit. Similar to the hand-rolled ice cream, this is also completely customizable.Siblings Amanda and Eric are among the employees who make the ice cream.When they opened the shop in Ocean City three years ago, Conroy and Pugliese were inspired to pursue the new fad of hand-rolled ice cream.This Asian-inspired cuisine originated in Thailand and then made its way to the U.S. When Conroy and Pugliese learned of the new type of dessert, they knew they wanted to try their hand at it.Now, all three of their children, Michael, Eric and Amanda, work at the shop alongside their parents. The Sea Isle shop is mostly operated by their eldest son, Michael.Be sure to add Chill Hand Rolled Ice Cream to the top of your list of places to go in Ocean City and Sea Isle. When you see Chilly, their penguin mascot, you will know you are in the right place.Visit the website at or call (609) 840-6899 in Ocean City or (609) 478-6086 in Sea Isle City.The store is in the heart of downtown Ocean City.The “C” Turtle from the menu contains chocolate ice cream with caramel, “C” salt, and is topped off with “Chill Whip.”last_img read more