“It doesn’t seem right to us to concentrate what remains of the League”

first_imgMessage from the doctor. “He told us that soon the situation would be clarified, that we would soon train again, we do not know if next week or two or three, but little by little the light is seen at the end of the tunnel.”Risk. “There always is. It is a pandemic that you do not know how it evolves and what you have to do is take the necessary measures. We all would like to return to normal life, but it will be very difficult. We were used to a life that maybe the planet He was not prepared for what we asked him and we should reconsider. “ Test for soccer players. “There are thousands of people who work without tests and working on what the country needs at the moment, I think it is a matter for all of us who have common sense. We know that ours is a job but the important thing is that this It ends sooner rather than later and in the end the tests and the money that football has invested, maybe you should give it a spin to invest it in what is necessary. “ Pressures. “I think not. The AFE works for that. Above all, health is ahead, that there is as little danger as possible. Personally I have not been forced or forced.”Concentrations. “You have to have common sense. If the first weeks you do individual work, it is logical that everyone goes home. If you then start to do groups and some collective training, there may be a period that you have to be focused on, but I don’t see well having to stay focused for as long as LaLiga lasts. Everyone has a family. “Football without fans in the stands. “In the end I think that is what is going to happen. I don’t think the country is ready to return to the life we ​​were leading, and within those restrictions will be soccer too. I don’t like it, it’s like being in training” .Cup Final. “We would like it to be played with the public, with the atmosphere of a Basque derby, and more in a historic final, but it is a decision that we will not make. Surely they will seek a decision that will be the best for everyone.”Qualified for Champions if LaLiga ends like this. “I am fourth and Getafe fifth, what am I going to say. It is the decision that has been made and we must respect it. If it were changed and it was the other way around, we would also complain. The second leg was not played, it is an uncertain situation. “Tokyo. “It is exciting, it is a unique moment in life and it seems that age will be respected for next year. I am excited, more with the background of having been champions.”last_img read more