Star Wars The Old Republic prelaunch The prologue is epic

first_imgFor those of you still waiting to get into Star Wars: The Old Republic, your anticipation is well founded. Since my first report on the start of my “saga”, I have been able to get through the prologue, reach level 10, and was rewarded with my very first lightsaber.The journey getting to that point was incredibly entertaining and really shows how much work BioWare put into the title. Along the way I experienced a character death for the first time, picked up a companion, and fought one of the mini-bosses in the crystal cavern. One major conclusion I’ve some to so far is that the idea of SWTOR being your personal story is well-founded.One of the things that drives me insane about other MMOs (and eventually causes me to quit) is how they handle character death. Having to run to a corpse and pick up items or return to a cloning center that is a thirty minute walk away is not fun to me. So when I finally died for the first time in SWTOR I was apprehensive, then pleasantly surprised when I was given the option to wait a period of time and have a medical droid revive me on the spot, or to wait less and return to the med center to be healed.When you call a med probe, you are revived and then cloaked so you can escape an area that might be above your ability level. Again, this mechanic shows that the developers have really thought out the game experience.The only penalties I could see was that I lost all buff and stim effects, and the enemy I was fighting at the time of death returned to full health.As a Jedi Consular, my prologue was geared towards leveling me up to 10 and give me a lightsaber. Without going too much into detail as to not spoil it for anyone, I was given a series of plot events that walked me through this process. While they were linear in nature for the main storyline, there were plenty of side quests to give variety.Honestly, this feels like a completely different MMO than I have ever played. With the story element you feel there is actual purpose to the quests given. Rather than just going and killing 15 droids, you are sent to retrieve ancient artifacts where along the way you can activate bonus objectives that are closer in nature to the typical grind you may be used to.Pictured above, with my newly acquired lightsaber, is my first companion. The mechanics involved in having this ally is simply awesome — I can order him to attack, withdraw, heal, and even dismiss him entirely with one click of a button. If facing many enemies, I can send him against a different target evening the odds quickly. The companions in the game are fully equipable just like in Knights of the Old Republic. Companions add a whole layer of strategy to gameplay.Oh, and for those that might be wondering why my lightsaber is yellow-black, it’s thanks to the color change stone from the digital deluxe edition pre-order. The original color I had was purple, but the color change stone does boost the stats of my attack, so there was a benefit to modding my saber with it.By the time I started writing this, I found my prologue wrapping up there was another plot cinematic. My character was promoted to a full Jedi and… let’s just say some other stuff happened. This all served to tie the end of my prologue with the beginning of my real saga. The next stop: the Republic Fleet and Coruscant!Stay tuned as we continue to report on the SWTOR pre-launch time period.last_img read more