May 7, Zach Profit

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We’re done with corn and over halfway with beans. Our first planted stuff should be up today. It started popping through yesterday. We started on the 27th and finished about 6 last night. It has been pretty much optimal. We had a little shower come through and we got a tenth when up around Bryan they had two or three inches. We’d actually like a half-inch of rain. We are leery about putting out our post- application for corn. It’d be nice to have a little rain in the forecast to get it worked into the soil. After about seven days it’ll start breaking down and become less effective. We had an 80% chance last night for rain on Thursday but it is down to 20%. Now there is an 80% chance for rain on Sunday. As long as it comes easy it would be nice to catch a half-inch. It got fit and we started and never stopped. It was going in and working too good to quit. So far things are looking pretty good if we can keep the sunshine and the heat. We’ve got good soil moisture. There are some places right above tile lines that could use a little shower but for the most part we are in pretty good shape with moisture. We got lucky and missed that big rain. I think we were out for one day. It feels weird to experience what a normal spring might be like. Our springs have been pretty wild in the last few years. Last year I never worked so hard to get a crop established to possibly looking at a one and done this year. It is almost a black and white difference between the two years. I don’t even like to talk about it. Every time we do we try to find some wood to knock on. We are planting a three-pass corn plot today and we will officially be done with corn and then we are going to switch the corn planter over to beans and try a few acres of 30-inch beans. We have some different soybean varieties geared to 30-inch rows. We’re going to try a small field and see how we get along. For most of Van Wert County, I think it is the fastest I have seen a crop go in.Zachlast_img

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