1 killed 14 injured in mishap near Mirik

first_imgDarjeeling: A 73-year-old woman died in a vehicle mishap near Mirik in the Darjeeling district on Friday, while 14 others have been injured.The accident occurred at Malidhura in the Thorbu tea estate in Mirik. An SUV was going to Siliguri from Nagari, Dhajey when it skidded off the road. Local residents came to the rescue of the victims. 73-year-old Dhanmati Rai died on the spot. The injured persons were rushed to Mirik Hospital. Out of the 14 injured, the condition of 4 is reported to be critical. They have been referred to Siliguri. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaMeanwhile, the body of missing tourist Gopal Narwani (24) of Bundi, Rajasthan was recovered from Haldibari area in Cooch Behar district. The body was identified by his brother Dipak Narwani. On July 10, one Aman Garg along with his two friends, all hailing from Rajasthan, were travelling from Bagdogra to Gangtok, when the car skidded off the road and fell into River Teesta near the Coronation Bridge. A search and rescue operation was launched by the NDRF and later joined in by an Indian Navy team, along with local rafters. Finally, the body of Garg was found kilometers downstream in Jalpaiguri district on July 13.last_img


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