first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Almost six years since its debut, ORPHAN BLACK remains a critical darling and a favourite among viewers inspiring memes, cosplay, and fan art. The ground-breaking series premiered March 30, 2013 on Space and viewers can get ready to binge as all five seasons join CTV Throwback beginning Monday, April 1 completely unlocked with no subscription required on and the CTV app.Whether viewers are members of Clone Club, or can’t tell Sarah from Alison from Rachel from Cosima from Helena, they can enjoy it all from the beginning and revel in series star Tatiana Maslany’s award-winning performance. After all, she’s an Emmy® Award and Canadian Screen Award-winner, as well as a Golden Globe® nominee for her multiple roles in the acclaimed series. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Advertisement Advertisement From clone dance parties, to Helena pretending to be Alison, and Sarah pretending to be Rachel while Alison pretends to be Sarah, ORPHAN BLACK ended its unforgettable five season run in 2017.To acquaint viewers with this group of strong, fearless women, below is a spoiler-free guide to some of the LEDA Clones.Sarah ManningThe powerful lead character and main protagonist. Once a rebellious punk on the run with her daughter, she adopts the identity of recently-deceased Beth Childs, an identical version of herself, and becomes sucked into a hidden life-long conspiracy of illegal human cloning.Alison HendrixAn adoptive mother of two who just wants to keep her husband and children safe and uninvolved in the clone conspiracy. Alison had already been in contact with Beth when Sarah (as Beth) approached her and becomes a great source of information for Sarah. Alongside Sarah and Cosima, they band together to uncover where they come from.Cosima NiehausA Ph.D. student in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology who first meets Sarah while she’s pretending to be Beth. She knew there were other clones and had been looking for them long before Sarah got pulled into the conspiracy.HelenaRaised by religious adoptive parents and trained to be a killer …of the clones. She ends up forging a close relationship with Sarah and the other clones.Rachel DuncanOne of the primary antagonists of the series. Unlike the other clones, Rachel grew up aware of who and what she is and continues to work with her creators. After discovering some of the other clones have become self-aware, she tries to get them to join her.Since launching on Dec. 6, 2018, more than 1,000 hours of programming and more than 1,400 titles have been added to the CTV Throwback and CTV Movies libraries for viewers to stream for free. Beginning Monday, April 1, ORPHAN BLACK joins the lineup. Viewers can enjoy all CTV Throwback content unlocked and with no subscription required. Twitterlast_img

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