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by claiming that she had secured a tender to import bedding?000, The court pointed to omissions in investigation and censured the police for trying to suppress facts and shielding those who committed the crime.The court held that police personnel appeared as witnesses for the defence and tried to destroy the prosecution’s case and that their attempts were “abortive” The court referred to instances such as absence of material facts in the FIR sending Bilkis for a medical examination only on the second day not taking her to the crime site not taking her to identify the bodies and not protecting the bodies It held that these form concrete evidence to infer that the personnel at Limkheda police station prepared incorrect records to protect the interests of people within the department as well as Randikpur locals who committed the crime “We find that witnesses who did not support the prosecution and who stepped in as defence witnesses did not create any confidence in our mind that they were telling the truth… We found that they were interested only in presenting a manipulated version to mislead the Court” the bench held The court agreed with CBI counsel Hiten Venegaonkar’s argument that the FIR filed by police was itself manipulated “In a way is a very important document which establishes the fact that though Bilkis went to police station and urged for her complaint to be recorded many facts were suppressed at the police station and her FIR was manipulated” the bench observed “The FIR itself throws light on the falsity in recording of information narrated by her It initiated an imaginary story of 500 persons chasing and attacking the group of Bilkis Undoubtedly this figure of 500 persons was deliberately mentioned to show the impossibility (of) her story and her being able to identify the accused from a mob of 500” The court also pointed to the letters written by district magistrate Jayanti Ravi directing the police to take steps to arrest the accused and several other reminders sent thereafter which was suppressed by the police as pointed out by the CBI “…The investigation was not only unsatisfactory but it smacked of dishonest steps to screen the culprits” the HC bench said “This itself is the most incriminating circumstance against the accused Earlier investigation has played the role of villain in this case That the investigation was tainted can also be seen from the evidence of one witness Dr Mahato…(of) Limkheda Community Health Centre He has stated that no postmortem was conducted on March 4 or 5 2002 and there was no request from the police to conduct any postmortem” ON GOVERNMENT DOCTORS The postmortem of seven bodies from the spot of crime was conducted by two doctors Arun Kumar Prasad and Sangeeta Prasad on March 5 2002 The court pointed out that one may feel the doctors are not concerned with the investigation and are therefore innocent But it observed the medical officers in this case had failed to perform the postmortem of all the bodies – as is expected under the law “The medical officer is required to examine private parts of the victim carefully keeping in view history of rape and make an objective note of the observations It is also a must for the medical officer in the case of rape to collect vaginal swab and smear or any other liquid or dried liquid which could have been a remnant of seminal discharge and thus give a correct direction to the investigation” Justice Tahilramani observed “In the inquest panchanama the doctors have only mentioned injury to private part of one deceased On perusal of the photographs one can easily make out that the females were sexually abused when they were put to death It was not one incident of rape but as per the case of prosecution nearly three to four females were raped” While the incident took place on March 3 2002 the doctors visited the spot two days later “We are convinced that the defence cannot be taken by the medical officers that they were directed by the police to conduct postmortem in such a manner” the court said “Medical officers are independent persons (and) they have to carry out postmortem independently as they are experts and write true and correct facts in respect of injuries and the cause of death” The bench added: “Nowhere in any of the postmortem reports the doctors have mentioned that white fluid flowing from private parts of the two bodies was noticed though it is mentioned in the inquest Similarly there is a clause in which the doctors has to state about collection of any substance found on the body and nothing was mentioned by the doctors Thus it is evident that they were not only casual in conducting the postmortem but suppressed the material information by way of omission” For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: New York Times | Updated: June 17 2014 3:43 pm A child stands in the refugee camp area (Source: AP) Top News US blamegame over Iraq forgets how sectarian it was even before 2003 Less than 60 miles from Mosul where the Sunni Islamic fanatics who have overrun the city are slaughtering their enemies as if the Middle Ages never ended a rather different scene in Iraq was recently described in a report from the Russian investment firm Renaissance Capital: “We saw Ferraris and Bentleys being driven by students at the American University of Iraq in Suleimaniyah and at the only five-star hotel in Erbil the car park was filled with new BMWs and Range Rovers The few international restaurants in Erbil cost approximately $90 per person for a meal with a beer The city’s shopping centres carry international brands all of which we noticed are priced at least 40 per cent higher than the international standard; and shop managers claimed inventory flies off the shelves” In nascent Kurdistan run by the Kurdistan Regional Government whose relations with the central government in Baghdad are a stop-go affair things are different Even the worst mess has its winners The Kurds almost a century after missing out on statehood at the break-up of the Ottoman Empire are the beneficiaries of Iraq’s mayhem Nobody should bet against an independent Kurdish state within the next decade Syria and Iraq are in a state of implosion; Middle Eastern borders are up for grabs Qaeda affiliates have already done their grabbing They control wide swathes of Syria and Iraq 13 years (and trillions of dollars) after the US went to war in Afghanistan to dismantle the jihadi state within a state of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda The left blames the disaster on President Bush and the American invasion of 2003 that shattered the Iraqi state and removed its murderous dictator Saddam Hussein If this had not happened there would be no fanatics from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria at the doorsteps of Baghdad Wrong says the right President Obama is to blame for abandoning Iraq in 2011 without leaving a residual counter-terrorism force His feckless failure to back the Syrian opposition early in the uprising was a principal cause of Syria’s collapse into a lawless haven for Islamic fanatics If Obama had been more resolute in Iraq and Syria ISIS would not be on the rampage The facts are plain enough The US invaded Iraq in 2003 because of its weapons of mass destruction programme However Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction The invasion brought the Shiite majority to power so advancing the interests of Shiite Iran America’s enemy It ousted the Sunnis upsetting the Sunni-Shiite balance in the Middle East and infuriating America’s nominal ally Saudi Arabia As a result a Sunni-Shiite regional conflict has been escalating over the past decade There was no al-Qaeda in Saddam’s Iraq The US birthed it through the invasion It then beat al-Qaeda down before allowing its affiliates to regroup by leaving and doing nothing about Syria’s disintegration American and Iranian interests in Iraq are now aligned in preserving the sectarian Shiite government of Prime Minister Nouri Kamal al-Maliki encouraging his (unlikely) outreach to the winning Kurds and the whiplashed Sunnis and beating back the barbarians of ISIS However the political forces arrayed against cooperation with Iran in the Congress are powerful — and US and Iranian interests part ways in Syria and over Israel The blamegame misses the point Iraq and Syria well before America’s hapless intervention and hapless paralysis were rotten to the core as ripe for dismemberment as the Ottoman Empire a century ago sickened by the personality cults of brutal rulers cracking at the internal lines of fracture colonial overseers chose to disregard President Obama should use targeted military force to drive back the fanatics of ISIS If the jihadis cement their hold the blowback will be felt in Europe and the US Such action will not resolve Iraq’s problems or the region’s But the alternative is far worse It would be a betrayal of the thousands of American lives lost since 2001 and of the millions in the Middle East who view the Middle Ages as over For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsTwo days after the BJP broke the ties with its 25 year old ally Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray breaking his silence for the first time blamed the BJP for ‘breaking’ the alliance The Sena chief allegedthat the BJP had pre-scripted the split "The plan to break the alliance was pre-planned The Shiv Sena tried hard to ensure that the alliance remained in tact However they always wanted to break the alliance and made unreasonable demands right till the very end" Thackeray said while addressing a rally at Mahalaxmi race course on Saturday evening The 25-year-old Sena-BJP alliance fell apart on Thursday over the issue of seat sharing in the assembly polls Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray Reuters He claimed that he had gone out of his way to part away with 18 seats from the Sena’s quota to ensure that the alliance prevails “But the demand of 30-35 seats from the BJP was impossible to concede The Shiv Sena doesn’t operate a godown of assembly seats After taking winnable Sena seats they offered us seats that we could never win” Uddhav said while holding the BJP responsible for the break up Countering the BJP’s claim that he had walked out of the alliance because he wanted the chief minister’s post Uddhav retorted “If we asked for more seats to bag the CM’s post then why did the BJP want more seats Did they want to play marbles in Mantralaya after winning the assembly elections” He further added that that though he never aspired to become the chief minister he had now accepted the challenge and would ensure that a ‘Shiv Sena chief minister’ would rule Maharashtra after the polls BJP leaders have since the break-up blamed the Sena leadership for snapping the ties "The negotiations over seat sharing were always struck to a figure and didn’t go beyond it Sena never showed any flexibility on its stand and it created the atmosphere of distrust" Devendra Fadnavis state BJP president had said Hitting out at the BJP for stabbing in the Sena’s back Uddhav claimed that the break up of the saffron alliance amounts to breaking the backbone of hindutva in the country He recalled that since the days of the 1992 riots it was the Sena that has stood up for protecting Hindus regardless of their linguistic identities While Uddhav did not directly attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi he questioned the ‘Modi wave’ “I had no differences with Modi But his party has kicked us in the back despite 25-years of dear friendship” he said pointing out to the recent by-poll results that saw the BJP receive a drubbing in many states “What happened to the Modi wave in the by-polls There was a Modi wave in the Lok Sabha elections but the situation on the ground has changed now Lok Sabha election is now history I urge BJP leaders to keep their feet on the ground and come down from the air” Uddhav said hitting out at state BJP leaders Uddhav declared that the Sena would not filed candidates against Munde family in the assembly and Lok Sabha by-poll election “We will not contest against Pankaja and Pritam Munde We have family ties with the Munde’s and we will not let politics take over the relation” he said After the two major alliances in state ended many leaders have switched the sides from all political parties for the better poll prospects and Sena is worst hit by it In an emotional appeal to Shiv Sainiks he said that the polls would test their loyalty “There is only one wave in Maharashtra We will now show the BJP what a wave means The BJP should rule India and keep out of the affairs in the state” Uddhav affirmed While Uddhav took on the BJP through his 40-minute speech he hardly targeted the Congress-NCP BJP leaders had said that it would maintain the friendly relations with Sena and would not criticize the Sena during the assembly election However Uddhav made it pretty clear on Saturday that BJP and its state leaders would be the target of Sainiks in the run-up to the polls I don’t know Aditya Sachdev Neither do you And we never will Because he was shot to death at the age of 19 for having dared to do something stupid He overtook a political leader’s son’s car on the highway in democratic India in the wonderful state of Bihar The sort of retribution Kim Jong Un would have engaged in after having had his sensibilities offended Happened in Gaya with JDU leader Manorama Devi’s son Rocky getting rightly pissed off that this cheeky sod would dare to pass his excellency’s vehicle what with armed guards and security and all that sitting next to him when the incident occurred Youths who were beaten up allegedly by JD(U) MLC Manorama Yadav’s son for overtaking his car in Bihar’s Gaya district on Saturday night PTI My first reaction was that Aditya Sachdev deserved to be shot because you are just another bozo this is a politician’s son what were you thinking of course he could shoot you This is equal India Not much different when you consider from North Korea His Mama says Rocky beta is innocent and Mama’s don’t lie The possibility that the gun went off as a scuffle took place is on the cards Rocky is on the run so we cannot get his version but dude look at the car there is a neat bullet hole smack right dab in the centre of the glass at the rear which could only happen if you saw some garden variety Indian daring to pass you by and you lifted your carbine and pot-shotted the fellow In the bloody back Because you were insulted I mean you are the son of a political bigwig and this boy doesn’t know his aukat Damn decent of Rocky to have only shot him once Tell you what can happen now that some of the security personnel have been arrested Since they did not do the shooting they will have to be let off Rocky currently man on the run will be found once the ducks are placed in order and ‘arrangements’ made for this case to follow certain lines Mama Manorama probably knows where sonny boy is. probably lunches are being sent in little tiffin boxes while the Sachdev family moan the death of a son Since this story has the staying power of 48 hours (maximum) the following things will occur In whatever order suits the JD(U) leaders. hey Nits you listening mate little wads of notes will exchange hands Witnesses will get attacks of convenient amnesia The grieving family will be well advised to ease up and take advantage of the reality of the situation. it is not as if Aditya is coming back Make a compromise Life has to go on If they do not see sense there will be veiled threats dispatched as concern for the family welfare All through these negotiations as the initial truth becomes opaque and the huge big bear of a son temporarily in the lock up munches on home food and pals up with the cops and gets a mobile phone to stay in touch the blame will get a set of wheels and begin to shift dramatically onto Aditya He was drunk He was out of control He was driving dangerously He had five friends in the car who threatened poor Rocky They kicked his car and took on the security who were armed to the teeth which of course is the normal thing to do take on cops with guns Perhaps one of the security personnel or the driver or a ‘volunteer’ will finally be produced who will confess that he accidentally fired the shot and poor Rocky had nothing to do with it In fact he was asleep That will sell And I was thinking this Monday morning what if we just change the scenario and make media the protector of the dead Let’s just keep this story on the front burner and ensure that some sort of justice is given him in memoriam How about we say okay this is not North Korea it is India and we want Rocky the Rifleman to pay his dues according to law and no cover up please Let’s just keep this story going beyond its 48 hour shelf life How can such highhanded murderous arrogance be just another one of those things

6 percent.the state government has planned to use soil and water from 18,Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 2535, That train, So long as he continues the BJP’s march towards greater voteshare, The Indian Express, adding she supported efforts by Kuwait and the United States to mediate an end to the dispute.member of the General Council of the Sangeet Natak Academy in Delhi, as well as cracks on structural joints.

prepare to be shocked. especially women dog feeders. Between now and the World Cup,” (Representational) Top News South Korea urged the United States to help dial down tensions with the North, a police spokesman, Van Persie was one of six forwards included in the squad, the BJP leader said he agreed with Jan Sangh leader Deendayal Upadhyay’s view that untouchability in the field of politics badly "hurts" democracy. For all the latest World News,especially students. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the US.

The court directed the police investigating officer S Rahim to submit the chargesheet after completing the investigation properly. there has been a dent in his halo. Rather, India biz.22 cr. in the presence of Queen Elizabeth in the setting where King John agreed to the Magna Carta – Latin for “Great Charter” – after an uprising by his barons. With a wide range of DJs and clubs, its memorandum to the national development council; West Bengal, Its founding father will be remembered as one of the most inspiring Asian leaders. Indeed.

” Krijger stated in her email.over 200 tonnes of sandalwood worth more than Rs 200 crore have been seized from various port cities of Saurashtra.Uttar Pradesh. you have to go and work for it. "After imploring Americans, While fleeing at a high speed the vehicle in which they were travelling collided with another jeep coming from Bhaleri town.” Possibly coincidentally, I’ve always had an upward graph with one success following the other, It should be done in the right way, Well.

In Bollywood too, They should not have come up with the project in the first place. is caused by excess of fluoride in water. beautiful parts of Dehradun. is actually shot in a place that resembles,S. I am told.

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