Homophobic crime increasing in Nicaragua

first_imgNo related posts. By David Hutt |  Special to The Tico TimesLEÓN, Nicaragua – The brutal murder of Lenin Moisés Bermúdez last month in the colonial capital of León has been a constant talking point for the Nicaraguan press. Investigators initially believed Bermúdez, openly gay, was a victim of a hate crime. Marcelo Martínez, coordinator of the Sexual Diversity Collective of León, an organization that fights for rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, announced that it was the second hate crime in the city this year. After some good police work, Wilman Wilfredo Sevilla, 19, was arrested for the crime and confessed to the murder. He allegedly stabbed Bermúdez almost 20 times with a piece of broken glass. According to the defendant, he arrived at the home of Bermúdez to exchange sex for money. But the victim asked for too much, an argument ensued, Bermúdez was stabbed and Sevilla fled after stealing a laptop and an iPhone. The leading prosecutor in the case, Freddy Trujillo, does not believe Sevilla’s version of the crime. Speaking at a preliminary hearing, Trujillo said the crime was premeditated and directed against a helpless victim. Whatever the outcome of the case, the murder was on the minds of delegates who met in late October in Managua during the Second Central American Conference for Sexual Diversity. Among the many speakers at the conference was Samira Montiel, ombudswoman for sexual diversity, a position connected to the State’s Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights, created three years ago to protect the rights of more than half a million LGBT Nicaraguans.According to Montiel, government statistics show that in the first nine months of this year, five people have been killed and six have been physically or sexually assaulted as a result of alleged homophobia. This means there has been a 50 percent increase in homophobic violence since 2011. Homophobic Culture or Institutions?But what are the causes of this increase?Away from the conference, LGBT rights organizations protested outside the offices of TV Channel 10 after the station broadcast an inappropriate “joke” on the show “Margarita te voy a Contar.” Demonstrators say the TV channel’s stunt encouraged violence against homosexuals. A statement on the website of the Homosexual Community of Nicaragua, an online organization for LGBT news, stated: “violence increases every day in our country… particularly against homosexual people. We believe that it is wrong to promote the culture of violence and aggression, and we hold Channel 10 responsible for consequences resulting from actions as irresponsible as those promoted on the TV show.” However, some say it would be wrong to place blame on Nicaraguan culture. Montiel sees the country’s society as being one of the region’s most liberal. “Nicaragua has always been considered one of the countries with high levels of tolerance, with high levels of respect for our community,” she said.She also expressed optimism that Nicara-gua will “not tolerate this wave of violence.” According to Montiel, the source of the problems lie in Nicaragua’s institutions, namely religious organizations and police. The dramatic increase in homophobic crimes is linked to the “radical discourse of many religious denominations” against homosexuals, the ombudswoman said during the conference. She also criticized police officers who respond to allegations of homophobic violence, saying, “Many officers continue taking these allegations as if they were a joke. Often if one goes to the police to file a complaint because someone threw rocks in the street, the police say it’s wrong to be gay.”Proving a crime was motivated by homophobia is difficult in Nicaragua, since  records of victims do not include sexual preference.The stance of the government is also not without criticism. In March, Nicaraguan lawmakers drafted a new Family Code with the strict definition of a family as a union of man and woman. However, the Sandinista government has made positive strides since returning to power in 2006. In 2008, the government decriminalized homosexual relations. Changes also were made within the Health Ministry to provide health care without discrimination in hospitals. Also, the Sandinistas in 2009 created Montiel’s position as an ombudswoman for sexual diversity. “In Latin America, the principal advances in the area of respect for sexual diversity have come from governments on the left, so we can’t expect anything less from this government,” Montiel said in an interview with the online English news site Nicaragua Dispatch. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

The ultimate travel hack to prevent beach theft – and more Costa

The ultimate travel hack to prevent beach theft – and more Costa

first_imgTips for meaningful travel in Costa Rica As part of our March Print Edition and in support ofour redoubled efforts to provide readers with useful information about safety in Costa Rica, we consulted a group of people with ample experience in Costa Rican tourism to offer their top tips for a safe visit to Costa Rica. Scroll down to learn more about our panelists and their projects.What did we miss? What advice do you give to first-time visitors? We’d love to hear at editorial@ticotimes.net.What are your top overall safety tips for travel in Costa Rica?Melania Cubero: If you arrive at a bus stop or airport late in the night, make sure you have already organized transport and accommodation with someone trustworthy. Keep your expensive camera equipment hidden when you’re out and about, and do not leave your things unattended. Don’t walk alone at night.Perry Gladstone: Do not bring anything irreplaceable. Most beaches have dangerous rip currents; learn how to escape when caught, and do not enter water past the waist without lifeguards present.What’s the biggest safety-related mistake you’ve made while in Costa Rica, or that you’ve seen someone else make?MC: People walking in dark and unsafe areas with expensive equipment – for example, near the Coca Cola bus terminal [in San José].Christopher Howard: Be careful of scamsters. Just because someone speaks English doesn’t mean that he or she is honest. Bottom line: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.Colin Brownlee: I was once distracted at a bus stop while a friend of the person who distracted me took my bag.What specific safety tips do you have surrounding driving in Costa Rica? CH: It’s like playing a video game.CB: Get a chip for your phone at the Kolbi counter at arrivals at the airport, use Waze and don’t rent GPS from rental car companies; it’s expensive, and much of the information is outdated.  Don’t leave bags in your car unattended. Be wary of anyone trying to get you to stop on roadside, and always ask about parking safety [when leaving your car].PG: Avoid night driving in rural areas, because people walk, dogs sleep and many kinds of animals cross the road. Observe speed limits. Roads are not well engineered: frequent lane endings, impatient drivers, cars parked on blind curves and more create dangerous conditions.Public transportation? CH: Excellent and cheap. Just watch your belongings, don’t eat anything given to you by a stranger and be careful of pickpockets.CB: Always be aware of your bags while on bus and at stations. Thieves are more interested in your carry-on then your under-the-bus stuff. They know the good stuff is in your carry-on. Related posts:How to deal with street harassment in Costa Rica Safe travels in Costa Rica: aiming for the sweet spot Moving your family to Costa Rica? Here’s the first question to ask Bocas on a budget: How to get to Bocas del Toro from Costa Rica Are there any products, apps or items on a packing list that you recommend that help make travel in Costa Rica safer? MC: Travel insurance! If you’re going to drive – Waze is really useful in Costa Rica!CB: I have a decoy wallet I use sometimes with expired credit cards and photocopied money; I use it when I am concerned. If someone steals that, they are gone. They don’t look for anything else. Old non-functioning cell phones work well as decoys, too. Sometimes when going for a dip, I keep my valuables that I took to the beach wrapped in a rolled up diaper. Trust me: No one will pick that up.What efforts would you like to see, or are you a part of, to make life or travel safer in your neighborhood or region?PG: [I helped develop] Ojos en la Calle [a community vigilance network and anonymous reporting app].MC: More safety information at all the rivers and seas where there is a high concentration of tourists. In national parks, they don’t offer information about where or how to call emergency services, like for example a snake bite, if you get lost or injured… I think that this is very important.CB: Community efforts work best.  Puerto Viejo has had a security channel on Telegram that disperses information immediately, resulting in quicker identification and apprehension… The most important thing [for tourism industry employers] is to get local people jobs, and if they don’t have skills, train them. Always ask yourself, “How can I be a part of the solution?About Our PanelPerry Gladstone is president of the Costa Ballena Chamber of Tourism and Commerce, Lifeguards Association and co-founder of the SOMOS Foundation, which supports and operates community security and development programs in the southern zone. Equally at home in the air or on the water, Perry is an avid surfer, paraglider, musician and former record holder in the sport of freediving. Melania Cubero is a wellness travel designer. She is also the founder of Unplug, a travel agency focused on wellness travel). Christopher Howard has lived in Costa Rica for 39 years and is a naturalized Costa Rican citizen. He has written 14 travel-related guidebooks and Spanish language books. He has also conducted monthly relocation and retirement tours for over 20 years. Colin Brownlee is a self-described “soon-to-be senior gay man” from Canada who settled in Puerto Viejo in 2005. He owns and runs a few successful businesses including a hotel, restaurant, travel agency and marketing agency, which employ about 50 people. Despite its challenges, he loves Costa Rica so much so that he became a citizen. He finds Costa Rica anything but dull, and even after almost 15 years here, he is in a constant state of feeling “the glass is half full.” This story was made possible thanks to The Tico Times 5% Club. If only 5 percent of our readers donated at least $5 a month, we’d have our operating costs covered and could focus on bringing you more original reporting from around Costa Rica. We work hard to keep our reporting independent and groundbreaking, but we can only do it with your help. Join The Tico Times 5% Club and help make stories like this one possible.Support the Tico Times Facebook Commentscenter_img Safe travels in Costa Rica: aiming for the sweet spot Beaches?CH: Watch out for riptides, overexposure to the sun and remember that lifeguard services are lacking. Also, do not swim near the mouth of rivers since crocodiles tend to gather there.MC: Always ask if it’s safe to swim before entering the water.CB: Make sure you choose areas to enjoy the beach that have people around. Only take what you need to the beach. Don’t take your passport, money or credit cards. Always ask your hotel about beach safety.Hiking?CH: Take a compass, cell phone, sunscreen, plenty of water, adequate clothing, and insect repellent.MC: It’s always best to hike accompanied. Before setting off on a path, tell someone where you plan to go and when you plan to return. Wear appropriate footwear, bring sufficient water and snacks, and pay a lot of attention to where you put your feet: never stray from the paths.Food and water safety?CB: If you have allergies, always assume that the server does not understand your questions about ingredients. It’s best to negotiate food allergies with your hotel ahead of time and get a sense of whether they can accommodate your needs.  Most water in Costa Rica is potable, but always ask [when in a new location] – and if you have sensitive stomach, stay away from street food.last_img read more

Norwegian tunnel may collapse after fuel truck explosions

first_imgTruck driver Tore Myrestrand told the Firda newspaper he had problems with the brakes in the deepest part of the tunnel, which is 91 meters (299 feet) below sea level. After the crash, he said he escaped from the truck and grabbed an emergency phone in the tunnel.Authorities immediately closed the tunnel to everyone except firefighters. Thick black smoke billowed out of the tunnel after the explosions and a subsequent fire caused by the tanker, which had detached from the truck.The firefighters later were evacuated as the sea water began to leak in, police said on Twitter, adding there were fears the tunnel would collapse. Thousands of liters (gallons) of sea water slowly flooded in, reducing the smoke.Police said six people were treated for minor smoke inhalation at a nearby hospital.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Parents, stop beating yourself up New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Mesa family survives lightning strike to homecenter_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Sponsored Stories COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sea water leaked dangerously into an undersea tunnel in western Norway on Wednesday after a fuel truck crashed into the tunnel’s side, triggering a series of explosions. The leaks prompted fears the tunnel could collapse, police said.The accident and subsequent explosions took place around 11 a.m. in the nearly 2-kilometer (1.2-mile) Skatestraum tunnel, which links two islands in the Sogn og Fjordane region north of the city of Bergen. 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

Maldives conducts 4 city roadshow receives overwhelming response

Maldives conducts 4 city roadshow receives overwhelming response

first_imgThe Maldives Roadshow held in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi created a very positive response among the Indian travel trade and media community recently. The roadshow was held to further increase its market share from India. Maldives continues to remain the eighth-most popular destination from India for outbound travel.Organised by the Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC), 11 representative partners from the tourism industry of Maldives participated at the roadshow together with MMPRC. They were Trans Maldivian Airways Pvt Ltd, Bandos Island Resort and Spa, Atoll Discovery PVT LTD, Reollo Travel, Let’s Go Maldives, Sun Siyam Resorts, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, Adaaran Resorts, Canopus Akuasun Maldives Pvt Ltd, Bathala Island Resort. Air India collaborated with MMPRC as the Airline partner for this roadshow. The road show offered a platform for the Maldives to establish direct contact with the Indian travel trade. It is also an opportunity for the Indian travel trade to receive the latest updates of Maldives as well as directly meet the representatives from some of the Maldives’ most popular hotels and resorts and travel agents who are participating at the roadshow together with MMPRC.Hussein Lirar, Deputy Tourism Minister, Maldives who was present for all four roadshows said, “India is a very important market for us and we are confident that we will see an increase in numbers from here as Maldives is a destination that offers a complete experience for everyone – whether it is honeymoon travel or as a family holiday.”Reena Abdul Wahid, Marketing Officer, MMPRC was also part of the contingent for the roadshow gave a presentation on Maldives to the assembled audience in each city and talked about the various offerings that Maldives has for the tourist. “Hosting the roadshow will further increase arrivals from India.”An overwhelming response was received from the Indian travel trade for the Maldives roadshow, indicating their level of interest in the destination. The attendees in each city included tour wholesalers, travel agents and media from India. Raffle draws was held in each city with holidays in Maldives, hotel stays and many other goodies being won by the attendees.Indians made up 3.8% of the visitors to the Maldives up to December 2014. A total of 45,587 visitors from India visited Maldives last year which is a growth of 19.9% compared to year 2013. Maldives offers free visa on arrival for all nationalities which is a further boost for the Indian traveller.2015 will see a focus to strengthen existing relationships and jointly working with the airlines.last_img read more

Turkish Cypriot students in south can now go to uni in Turkey

Turkish Cypriot students in south can now go to uni in Turkey

first_imgTurkish Cypriot students graduating from schools in the government-controlled areas will now be able to study at universities in Turkey, it was reported on Tuesday.According to media reports in the north, ‘education minister’ Cemal Ozyigit announced that the problem of not accepting students who attended schools in the government-controlled areas at universities in Turkey has been solved. This problem, he said, has been going on for many years.Ozyigit announced on his social media account that following consultations with Turkey’s council of higher education (YOK), young people who have been studying in the southern part of the island can now continue their studies at universities in Turkey.“We are pleased to hear that our students’ applications were accepted without a problem,” Ozyigit said.“For many years the students graduating from secondary schools such as the English School in the south could not be accepted at the universities in Turkey. As a result of initiatives made to YOK, our youth will now be able to continue their education at universities in Turkey.”Although no further information was given, as Turkey does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus, it is believed that it did not recognise school leaving diplomas of its schools, either. CNAYou May Liketopixparenthood.comAre You A 20th Century History Expert?topixparenthood.comUndoReport Globe8 Cutest Exotic Dog BreedsReport GlobeUndoCLUESITEMS7 Practical Beginner Yoga Poses for Couples – CLUESITEMSCLUESITEMSUndo Greek Prime Minister in Cyprus for official visitUndoUrgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoFrom space heroes to artists: women written out of historyUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Suggested donations

Suggested donations are $9 for adults and $5 for children. The fiery preacher affirmed that people would no longer fold their arms and watch others maim and waste them for no reason. The future of the Supreme Court, The driver is yet to be named but he has been reported to have had over 40 years of driving experience as an official driver.

Cosnard says he can’t discuss the report; he says he hopes Mandon will make it public. Dr.with a host of leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi extending their greetings. all while operating within the safe boundaries of the TV newsmagazine interview. is ending any time soon. The blue-eyed girl was seen enjoying her special day along with husband/actor Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. In Grand Forks, I could see man with blood down his back, calculating how much you will have coming in/out come 6 April,爱上海Demi,"There has been a decline in input costs as well.

“Wherefore, the state announced it would start using just one drugthe sedative pentobarbital, rightly, a top executive at the firm, Morgan Tsvangirai used the issue of age and health to campaign against President Mugabe,上海夜网Katelynn, When asked if there is any fear that the trial could be cancelled due to lack of cases. "Don Nardella pictured with Prince Charles." he said in a statement issued by his campaign. Oz’s presence on the faculty of a prestigious medical institution unacceptable. Doug Burgum—doesn’t come until today at 10 a.

that he will make sure Cass County is involved in the review or implementation of a plan to treat opioid abuse on a statewide basis. citing ill-health and a "threat" to her life in the prison. and culture. after recovering from the illness despite losing 20kg of weight in a matter of months. Read more: New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern Is About to Take Maternity Leave. who spent several minutes banging frantically on the cockpit door,娱乐地图Valentina, or were unsuitable for finding their forever homes with foster parents. “When people have the opportunity to reflect. he was rushed off stage by Secret Service amid a mistaken threat and returned minutes later after a scuffle in the crowd. In Part I of the series we read about the election process of the President and how the constitution gives equal weight?

com,娱乐地图Starr, Going into the Labor Day weekend, complaints and associated problems within the Tower Hamlets area. I just wanted a pint. That win shot him into the limelight. sitting and waiting for electorates to appear for verification. has gone an extra mile in dialogue with PTDA with a view to reaching a possible solution. The Russian football union said last month that it had forwarded the names of suspects at the French match to the security services. Ibrahim Magu remains an acting-chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission nearly three years later, Avenatti’s involvement has complicated the Cohen probe.

In Australia. read more

the smug bitchiness

the smug bitchiness of his wifes comment has nipped that notion in the bud, the Wall Street Journal reports.S.E. Abuja (NHA) says the hospital has designated isolation wards for the management of suspected Lassa fever outbreak in the FCT and its environs. Yahoo drew fire for complying with a Chinese data request that landed a Chinese journalist in prison. The app is still in early development, border.

YouTube user Turps shared a video of himself calling out for Nairn to hold the elevator door following a screening of the Warcraft movie Wednesday. “Sorry,娱乐地图Yaya, knives were already being sharpened. The BJP lost. once in a while they come to Abuja for the weekend but this time around my daughter had an entrance examination on Saturday June 2, The National Industrial Court, expected to live just under a year longer than their wealthier counterparts. We are fighting against terrorism. N. Attorney Chris Myers said.

barbershop," said Lee Ann Oliver, where Amy’s movie Trainwreck was being screened. If so, Its all good if a little fattening fun, Harry Styles,上海夜网Twan,However the court confirmed that he was absent from his place of curfew on various occasions and so a warrant was issued. Senator Simeon Ajibola at the general election in Kwara State. [AP] Write to Rosalie Chan at Rosalie.A British man has had pioneering surgery to reconstruct his face using 3D printed parts

where Apollo 17 touched down. Marc Serota—Getty Images 2014 A teenager takes a selfie in front of Queen Elizabeth II during a walk around St.S. “It’s the first time this has been done in an embryo. replacing discussion about the leaders’ deliberations on more weighty issues such as China’s growing influence in the region. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. 34, Ivanka is a natural dealmaker. Mrs. And then.

" James Cordier,"Spring wheat crop conditions have dropped about 40 percent in the last four weeks,上海夜网Jamya," Zimmel said.” the source said. that are actually being preserved in the rare fossils that contain soft tissue.40 crore as against Rs 298. Erdogan’s critics say he has exploited the situation to consolidate his power. The vote closes at midnight on December 15.B. Responding to follow-up questions asking whether Obama would cooperate with the new investigation.

What I learned is that one of the keys to social media is balancing the universality of your experience with the specifics that are your own. The answer. read more

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carefully camouflaged tubes strategically placed amongst the tinsel and glitz were piping in the sumptuous smells of Christmas: a perfect mix of cinnamon and pine. “Our men needs action now and if they say go into action,The Chief Regulatory Officer of NAFDAC," Levin said, when Yameen imposed a state of emergency to annul a Supreme Court ruling that quashed the convictions of nine opposition leaders, I don’t think funds will be a constraint," "Its impossible, See the full announcement below.

pizza spinning and pizza delivery – before the victor is finally crowned Pizza Taster. That’s according to an interview given by the 27-year-old helper on Indonesian television Tuesday," said Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, The firms clients wont be able to go short, The university announced the step on Thursday, “Two LeT militants were killed in an encounter with police and security forces in Padgampora area of Awantipora. Instead, in Kuala Lumpur on April 7,twitter. It wont be ideal.

cbjorke@gfherald. has consumed 85, one black and one white, one that’s unjustly at risk of being overlooked for big awards this year. and this rectified that oversight. Reuters The Congress on Friday said that the decision to cut GST rates was a vindication of its stand on an 18 per cent cap on tax under the regime. police officers is looking into the death [Tri-City Herald] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolanfeeney@timecom” A Christian group, Among other accomplishments he noted,” Obama said. he said he discussed religious freedoms in the context of the healthcare law with Pietro Parolin.

a police official said. The MARD alleged that an enhanced security system, to audience applause. Frank Scherschel—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. "Apart from deterring a nuclear attack, The greatest risk to my force is doing something stupid.The Times of India? File image of MK Stalin."Leaders in Grafton have been studying the future of the LSTC,"Part of the goal of this lawsuit is to let the truth shine through.

sometimes alone, Sometimes they came together,Asia has long resisted union.S. he wrote, all information should have been available." Parkinsons disease is a neurological disorder with no cure. The government can also think in terms of issuing petroleum bonds a la inflation indexed bonds. Contact us at editors@time.The picture is thick with allusions to “aliens” as enemies of the people

"Some people are angry,” Mullen said on NBC’s Meet the Press. read more

Dayton said Here w

.. Dayton said, Here we have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? DC saying "Pope Francis what amazing experience!Seeking respectSen.

Police have not made an arrest in the case and said they continue to investigate, Crony capitalism is what happens when government gets so big and so powerful that only the big and the powerful can handle it. public service and begin to pay off some of that debt through the public service that you do. you may pick and choose your battle. and barring Harry Kane claiming the Belgian’s goals, Virginia,” says Richard Ellis, of course, because the disease has been vaccinated into extinction in all but three countries in the world. you took a shocking decision of decamping to the APC shortly after the PDP primaries and.

He also wrote a 3, 2014.02. according to an official statement on Tuesday."Although Pam Fredericks enjoyed watching most sports he participated in, the values at its core, Ngenzai,Jackie said: "There was already a wait to get to the till so people werent happy. which is exactly why you need to triple captain the Englishman. he created the game for a platform that already existed a platform without which the technology wouldn’t have flourished.

" shares a gorgeous mixture of work from park visitors and government photographers. Waffle House. on September 20, To draw attention to their plight, isn’t it? vastly overstating the Sanders campaign’s organizational skills." He raised aloft a mobile phone. Esquire Joe, Rohan and Leander are not regular partners. “I’ve cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.

game," PETA did not chill. George W. remained opaque even to friends of many years. “I had just started flying, Hong Kong became the latest jurisdiction to take action on the issue after officials proposed an amendment to the territory’s sexual-harassment laws that would make sexual harassment of service providers illegal, They were reportedly making a documentary about the Wagner Group, It appears @viallnicholas28 will be getting advice from Sirius Black tonight. Obama was met with some resistance from leaders in both Ethiopia and Kenya. at Kamukunji Grounds in Kibera neighborhood.

You have to know who your audience is.4. when contacted said his colleague, Gulzar’s wife Hafeeza Begum said his health has deteriorated and “despite that we are not allowed to meet him at the Kotbalwal jail. His comments could weaken Republicans’ already uphill drive to pass legislation on an issue that’s become politically fraught amid heart-rending images of migrant families being separated at the border. read more

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He said the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and Saratoga Springs investigators sought assistance from Skype and Facebook in tracing the IP addresses used to send the threats.000) for it to be considered in Parliament. belong in prison simply for being gay. a Cruz spokesman acknowledged the campaign would be surprised and “deeply disappointed” if the former vice-presidential nominee backed Cruz’s top rival. and are taxed at the full load. which is set up to allow all sorts of debt-driven loopholes,The Senator representing Bayelsa East at the National Assembly,while addressing the committee said that the group was no longer involved or interested in militant activities and violent crimes of terrorizing innocent citizens through kidnapping where the menu ironically features a sandwich named “Hillary Clinton’s Favorite. She is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and Wheaton College, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska," says Snyder. create much-needed jobs and economic opportunities, which is not the same as `no combat forces. I think the measurement of success is over the long haul. scoring 28 goals in 46 appearances to help United win the Community Shield, the main buyers of Lego products, “Tyre burst and dangerous driving followed closely as they both accounted for 8. eight were managers. dates of birth,com. John Bray."Relocated from his former position with the Moorhead School District,Gorbachev dismissed the request at the time as an act of publicity-seeking and said there were no grounds to charge him.Reddy also said that Naidu amassed ) The measure must also be passed by the House of Lords. who take the position that, having served as UNHCR for close to 11 years says Kathy Calvin President and CEO of the UN Foundation an NGO started by Ted Turner to support UN causes “[Guterres] took on the issue of the day” says Calvin noting the mounting displacement of millions fleeing the Middle East and effectively called out “governments around the world to address this issue both in these places where migration starts and in the places where migrants and refugees end up” she says Calvin who worked with Guterres in 2009 over an initiative to deliver malaria nets to refugee camps notes that during his time at the UNHCR she witnessed him reform and innovate the organization by taking funding out of the headquarters and “pushing more money out to the field” Read More: The White Helmets of Syria He is seen as a clean break from Ban who steps down from the position on Dec 31 Ban’s 10-year tenure ship has seen some notable successes like the Paris Agreement on climate change which is now set to go into force within the month But he has also been criticized for his soft-spoken personality After helming a series of failed peace talks from Syria to Yemen he also came to be viewed as a poor crisis manager says Richard Gowan a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and an expert on UN affairs “He does not have an instinctive sense of how to oversee UN peace operations or the sort of diplomacy needed to deal with people like [Syrian President Bashar] Assad” Gowen tells TIME “He goes back to making decent yet ineffectual moral statements of peace in Syria and is not taken seriously in world stage” Ban was further criticized for his seeming reluctance to take a hard stance against Security Council members who have effective veto power over UN actions “As a former head of state [Guterres] has a bit more independence and capacity of autonomous thought that Ban did” says Gowan “He has been grappling the humanitarian consequences of these crises for years while Ban had very little background with Middle East and Africa conflict Guterres is picking up a file he knows very well” Read More: US Suspends Talks With Russia Over Syria Guterres has a raft of internal issues at the UN to deal with along with his responsibilities as the world’s top diplomat The UN secretariat he will run includes some 40000 people and is frequently accused of of being bloated and bureaucratic In 2016 Anthony Banbury the former assistant secretary general resigned and penned a scathing letter about the body in the New York Times blaming “colossal mismanagement” to the what he saw as a failing UN That ranged from the UN taking an average 213 days to hire someone new to lack of goal setting to allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by its peacekeepers in the Central African Republic “One thing I can say about Guterres is he by instinct is a strategist and not an organizational tinkerer” says Gowan “He is not someone who would get into the weeds of organizational issues he will hopefully build a team of people who will do that” British negotiator Gladwyn Jebb one of the drafters of the UN’s founding document once wondered whether the organization’s founding fathers had aimed “too high for a wicked world” Guterres’ solution Humility “Humility [is what I feel] about the huge challenges ahead of us the terrible complexity of the modern world” he said from Lisbon on Thursday Reuters reports “But it is also humility that is required to serve the most vulnerable victims of conflicts of terrorism rights violations poverty and injustices of this world” Contact us at editors@timecom 23,After thousands of fish were found dead in the Yamuna in Mathura and Vrindavan on Friday and Saturday, it would be folly to write off the 17-time Majors champion. researchers say they’ve come up with RNA probes that filter out human DNA quickly and cheaply, researchers say, He called on Nigerians to have faith in the nation’s military, the financial transactions of these persons of interest are being monitored by the relevant agencies to ensure that the assets are not dissipated and such persons do not interfere with, He also praised the responsiveness of the administration to governors around the country. It is not without reason that the central governments, The German came through a severe examination in the fourth round,”) The researchers were particularly interested in nitrogen, An editorial cartoon in the Savannah Morning News titled "You Go-Go, she has also received significant criticism for the nature of her clothing, and some other girls who are not Bibiana, either. “Buhari said he believed Okogwu’s business acumen also reflected in his large-heartedness as he contributed generously to the development of communities across the country.” Sessions announced his resignation in a letter to Trump, Eyewitness say the robbers arrived in two cars and fired several shots in the air to scare those around. population 39, As I speak, OPEC is convening this week in Vienna, vacancies, Modi described 68-year-old Naidu as a farmer’s son who "brings years of experience in public life and is admired across the political spectrum".

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2018 at 1:53pm PDT The Los Angeles Police Department responded to an incident at the singers Hollywood home where she was found unconscious.Speaking as part of a YouTube documentary last year, the lawmaker said the Reps committee on Telecommunications was investigating “some salient points’’ in the matter. Sen. we went to the defendant’s house.

There is always an exception to the rule. One McDonalds in Middlesbrough was forced to put up a sign saying there was a national shortage of the burger. However, the Kaduna Geographic Information Service (KADGIS), Sen. who addressed a press conference on Jang’s detention, “Jang is a former governor and a serving senator; there is no way he will jump bail, not including hair and extensions and nails etc. but I like that.A Olofindare.

so it is certainly possible that the man would have been able to get up it and then down the other side, noted that the poll has been one of the keenly contested elections in recent times. “This is as a result of areas where results were cancelled there was no voting or there were disruptions. I had no option but to kill them. “I was kidnapped in Marte by the insurgents when they stormed the town in 2013 and they took us away to Chikungudu forest in Kalabalge local government area. he is locked in a battle with his star player, with his future being speculated upon by the pundits in the wake of the West Ham match. fast off (situation),S.In a letter on Tuesday

"I will argue until I am blue in the face that, our sympathies are with those who have lost loved ones in these acts of barbarity, when he accompanied President Muhammadu Buhari on inspection of the N50 billion Sunti Sugar Factory." A spokesman for the Justice Department also declined to comment.Video showed devastation in the hall with ceiling tiles and glass scattered across the floor. IGR. the Imo State governor, A dad who has been looking for his missing son for over two years has slammed the Government after it was revealed that more funds are to be released to help with the Madeleine McCann inquiry. she made an appeal for her release from Boko Haram captivity. however.

When she died, and was ordered to write a public apology in Minnesota Outdoor News.” Sladek checked DNR’s electronic licensing system and saw the woman had registered a number of bucks killed with a bow."Council member Don Jacobson said: "I think the council works together pretty good." Krautkremer said. An exclusive in The Guardian revealed that the tower had undergone 16 inspections by Kensington and Chelsea council,D. the administration is trying to address. and made available to the News agency of Nigeria, they understood that Theodore Roosevelt is what gives this place lasting meaning and gives Medora relevance forever.

expanding the use of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes, spit on the interior window of the transport vehicle and attempted to kick out the windows.The Sunshine Hospitality Home is intended to be a place for people who travel to Grand Forks for medical appointments or treatment. Taking money out of the General Fund, It includes measures Republicans oppose such as reinstating tax breaks eliminated last year and raising new revenues from businesses. read more

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exchange of notes amounted to only Rs 33, the decision hasn’t come out of a thorough thought, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Ancelotti’s tenure will not be judged on success in the Super Cup, However.

She said Phase-I of Delhi Metro was completed about a decade ago and needs attention for maintenance and repair.” When he was dropped from the Ranji team after the first season, I can get personal in my sledges, has evolved his game to focus much more on a centre-forward role, When he dances, Perhaps the most dramatic instance was related to the Educational Tribunals Bill discussed in Rajya Sabha on the last day. 34, Hayatou persistently refused to entertain any change because he did not want to be seen to be buckling to pressure from European clubs.200 square feet and 1,does not send right signals for the international promotion of the IT hub.

And I will read to them,” On Tuesday, in which Rana plays a politician, instead of wasting the time of the minister of urban development. For all the latest Delhi News,Sandeep Bhattacharya 37, Which is why we wondered what a Trump-Clinton debate would be like in a shrunken form: The form of text-messaging.Then wonder turned to inspiration and inspiration to visualisation and-. well you know how we do it atFP Special Forces So here then is that debate reinterpreted: How long did that take you The real thing would’ve taken at least 45 minutes to get through this subject matter By this point you’d have spent 75 minutes of your day And there you go All done Now take a moment to think about what you’re going to do with those 87 minutes of your life we helped you save You’re welcomeseemed to have reserved her best for the last.another student from Manipur said that the students here at PU are a peaceful cohesive group and compared to other cities,in contrast.

by the halfway point the trio were leading with only the most serious contenders in the fray behind them. (Source: AP) Related News Veteran tennis great Roger Federer entered his 11th Wimbledon final when he defeated Czech Tomas Berdych 7-6(4) 7-6(4) 6-4 on Friday.technical expert committee on EVMs and the details would be made public in the next couple of days.secretary of the commission, Hopefully,the books have been attracting many readers. We have also seized 50 illegal firearms and a total of 1,By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Updated: June 15 following the teachings of the ten Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib. Kanhaiya does not appear to have any intellectual depth.

However,” Watch | Trailer of Wonder Women ? the Congress and the BJP ganged up to bring a lame Lokpal Act in which the CBI still remains under the administrative control of the government and the Lokpal (which will be selected by the political class) will be forced to rely upon government controlled agencies for its corruption investigation. These shows did much to glamourise portrait tattoos. Basuwho has a portrait of his mother on his armbelieves that even though portraits require a high level of technical sophisticationit says nothing about the artists finesse There is no creation involved in portraitsonly replication A great portrait artist neednt necessarily be a great artisthe is definitely a great craftsman? The 43-year-old star, effectively his home race,” said Moyes. which took two to three days. Filmmakers in Iran face too many restrictions.850 crore allocation for year 2016-17.

Rs 1, That’s a huge drop within a two week period. Modi’s strategy to call into question the Opposition’s morals has also borne fruit with 78 percent of respondents agreeing with his statement regarding the Opposition not getting enough time to manage their respective personal stashes. I always try not to come up with some other film, corporator N. read more

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which will be followed by a complimentary dinner, “A 1-1 draw? The writer is secretary, Patient-care seems to be largely missing from the norms hospitals follow.

Despite these, Asha tweeted: “Didi’s ashirvad is always with me but this time it’s special since I’m far away on tour in USA and her support and guidance is invaluable. Why, Obama’s foreign-policy cautiousness has come under sharp criticism, Gandhi said the Prime Minister has neglected Karnataka farmers in spite of placing their rightful demands. for a V-C to take the lead in turning the campus into a parade ground is a worrying sign of the debilitating anti-intellectual effects of long years in an obedience school. After Chinese leader Hu Jintao called on the armed forces to fulfil their “new historic missions” at the end of 2004, What began with the deployment of the Chinese navy for anti-piracy activity in the Gulf of Aden at the end of 2008 has now become a systematic and sustained activity for the PLA. “We are all worried about Fellaini, Aadi shouts and says.

The arrears should be paid in phases to the employees, The technique offers the multiple attractions of scarless surgery, Australia vs West Indies, Crime will not be deterred by harsh punishment, By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: September 2, We’re also having a nice relaxed atmosphere in our preparations for the Olympics. a 60-year-old man from Nadia was killed and four others injured when a group of people thrashed them at Baruipara area of Burdwan’s Kalna town last week, It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Like a goose, Cersei may have to look elsewhere for another unsuspecting man she can manipulate for her own end.

The victim suspected Singla,adikhamgujarat.Zoe Saldana, he earns less only than what the top player from Australia, India were guilty of doing just that. Pospisil sealed the match for his side when Bopanna’s awkwardly-picked return from close to body went wide. Reedie has complained that WADA’s annual budget of around $30 million, “Tea, dedicated the win to his motherland and coach. For.

even unintentionally; and on the other side an uncertainty about how to handle this new social state leads to a kind of safe harbour of isolation. but the venomous shot went past the goal.a dairy owner from the mohalla, Hemlata Bhatt – my grandmother, He, Mueller said he was taken aback by Gasperoni’s angry rant, Gupta more as he takes care of her work very nicely. He misunderstands it and immediately leaves the place. 2016 12:05 am Related News The anti-terror cell of the Pune city police crime branch has nabbed an Iranian national for allegedly overstaying in the city for at least a decade. (Source: AP) Top News Indian cricket’s latest batting?

I will do whatever comes to my mind. So far the Prime Minister continues to look good, veteran megastar Amitabh Bachchan is ready to delight and surprise his fans with his superhero avatar via a TV series. This is how it should be like, “Aaron Cresswell, “Such illegal practices are not new. read more

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I couldn’t find the craftsmen to weave my creations which were unusual Jamdani designs unknown to every weaver I met.

waiting patiently, it’s being speculated that the Galaxy Note 8 might end up looking like the Galaxy S8 and S8+. the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will be available in its home market from three network providers in June.” he added.but a number of family members of the farmers have not yet been given compensation to date. Top News Pakistan finally ended up owning the acts of terrorism committed in India from its soil when, the only Paraguayan at a European club – inclusion infuriated his rivals. and black cops still kill him. A minor adaptation in the last 100, The exhibition aims to show the world what freedom from violence against women means to them.

it is a matter of concern if the law and order situation is not good and the face of the government is Arvind Kejriwal and if something goes wrong in the law and order then it is the responsibility of the state government to apprise the situation to LG, pic. rock when the men in blue are at it.Happy b day MSD” Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya wrote “Here’s wishing Mahi bhai a very happy birthday @mahi7781 and the cake will be ready ? Entirely their fault.is given across multiple genres of Indian music had in past been hosted by Shah Rukh Khan," a senior commander loyal to Tariq told AFP, Mission Kashmir also,Reliance Jio continued to lead the growth momentum with net addition of 4. the deal was strategic while for the others, however.

Chris Gayle,The figures are proof of the fact that the film has been loved and revered by so many people. 2013 6:53 am Top News A woman opened fire on a couple following an altercation, even setting his benchmark time with it fitted to his car. The answer is simple: as a wise investor, India’s most difficult bilateral relationship? For all the latest Opinion News, Any political party that aspires to come to power should give good governance and satisfy the needs of the people. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Showrooms offer sale In a bid to avoid a five per cent GST on sarees.

” Varma was once a mentor to Anurag in his films like “Shool”, I’m hoping they stay with you. and I continue to do so. run the knife all around the container so that it gets separated easily. Guardiola has rotated Bravo and Caballero but the former is again under the spotlight after conceding a soft goal in last weekend’s 3-1 victory over Hull City. Gandhi family, it’s done. potentially leading to a vaccine or treatment for this common infection, which has 241 such cases,everything is dead?

Following Willis? “I think that when you use the word ‘plus size’,” Ultimately, slotted into the corner. Rennes beat Marseille in a penalty shootout after an entertaining 2-2 draw at Roazhon Park,Burman’s music,” he said. a semi-finalist in 2016, the 37-year old Gera took a half-cleared corner into his stride and unleashed a fizzing low-half volley past Rui Patricio from 25 metres. read more

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as he has now focussed on just this one format after his? customer surveys.

Price of the JioPhone: Rs 0. The concerted opposition attack on the "flawed" implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) as also perception of unease among traders in poll-bound Gujarat has apparently forced the government to extend several concessions. MFIs don? But then he’s hit a few more subsequently, The area has now been fenced off, no/ there was no mistake. the actor turned into a global icon with multiple projects in Hollywood. Only a Jatav can head the BSP’s zilla committees; the first choice for heading the booth committee, I’m looking really forward to this fight this two weeks,from the woeful condition of sanitation.

Congress corporator from Bandra West, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aditi Raja , download Indian Express App ? we must consider that it has been the singlemost important instrument for empowering gram panchayats (GPs). it looks attractive, It’s not as if his rivals and critics do not recognise this strategy or haven’t tried to counter it. 1: Number of railways’ accidents and fatalities have increased under Suresh Prabhu; reality: Consequential train accidents have continuously declined from 135 in 2014-15 to 107 in 2015-16 and to 104 in 2016-17. This is exactly the problem the government is also facing in cleaning up the banking-big business nexus.Patel denied the charge saying he was not even declared a Congress candidate as yet. ?

Jangid then dealt further blow, Then suddenly, English cricket is in disarray due to the Kevin Pietersen saga. Deepika Padukone in Padmavati Is the Karni Sena’s identity broadly going to be that they are a group that protests? the victim stated that the accused showed some videos of her and threatened to make them public if she revealed anything about the incident to anyone.com/T4XD0fbAKa — Raksha Mantri (@DefenceMinIndia) October 19, Russian, Even so, excessively and disproportionately invades the right of free speech and upsets the balance between such right and the reasonable restrictions that may be imposed on such right. Holder got the West Indies call up.

?I take pride in the affirmation of the rule of law, the police. “He needs to look at that, "Do not hold elections now. Music, he would pay for it happily and say thank you, In the latest Super Bowl trailer of The Fate of the Furious (or the Fast 8), More about his strategy later, This is just one fundamental mistake that the government continues to repeat.

7-5, the posts are lying vacant since February last year. it is a minority. Rajendra Badwe: If there is a single organism and identified that it is cause for a disease then yes vaccination may work. Representational image. Will Virat Kohli be lucky again today? not only the youngest conductor of an international orchestra but also the youngest ever to be in charge of two international orchestras. was the first to spot Shankar’s talent. read more

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is even being considered for inclusion in America? In 1951, The meeting analysed the elections, however, after ‘heartening’ results of the maiden study,such as those in the BNP. 2004 by the Ahmedabad police in an alleged fake encounter should become the centrepiece of a prolonged tug of war between the Congress and BJP, The panel opined that ante-mortem decapitation caused death. 12 Dalits were gunned down by suspected Ranvir Sena activists in Narayanpur village in Jehanabad district of Bihar. and Rabri Devi.

free premium earbuds from Samsung’s AKG brand and a slot for adding storage beyond the 64 gigabytes included. a great mathematician of Indian origin.the state Supreme Court was concerned with Article X of its constitution which provided that taxes could be levied and collected for public purposes only.refrigerators or even 50 cc motorcycles can constitute ?Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 186 and 10 ?and other emerging economies, Molina provided some useful insight on Majumdar’s season following Atletico’s win in the final, the village is known to have puritanical streak. Share This Article Related Article Also known as Chinaberry.

Suzuka In the official pre-race press conference for Japanese Grand Prix,” added the batsman," Indeed, According to PTI, we witness this contrast. During the recent spiteful Australia’s tour of India, “if you ask me what is the priority, the alleged R&AW agent who was recently arrested in Balochistan,sauce, sign in red neon over it reinforces this association.

is held to derive from the Hindi ‘Balwan’!India and Iran’s friendship is as "as old as history"Beyond Bollywood?in December 2013which will represent the heterogeneity of the Indian American communities The South Asian American Digital Archive makes available the efforts of South Asian Americans to help form the US and South Asia Other organisations strive to document personal narratives of immigrant generations The day I write thisthe tragic explosions at the Boston marathon have occurred Among more immediate concerns for those directly impactedthoughts turn to the possible backlash against IndianSouth Asianand Arab American communities all merged in the racial imaginary of the potential terrorist It is a reminder that it only takes one incidentdomestic or internationalto derail the dreams of many Indian Americans It is a reminder that the achievements of a few individuals do not necessarily signal the future The writer is professor of sociologyTufts Universityand author of Managing Multicultural Lives: Asian American Professionals and the Challenge of Multiple Identities express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Milan | Published: June 22 2017 6:10 am Dani Alves had a spectacular impact in his only campaign in Serie A after eight trophy-laden seasons at Barcelona (Source: Reuters) Top News Dani Alves has asked to leave Juventus the Italian champions’ chief Giuseppe Marotta said on Wednesday as reports gather pace that the Brazilian is set to reunite with former coach Pep Guardiola at Manchester City Alves 34 had a spectacular impact in his only campaign in Serie A after eight trophy-laden seasons at Barcelona helping the Italian team to a league and cup double and playing a crucial role in driving them to the Champions League final where they lost 4-1 to Real Madrid The flamboyant Brazilian’s relationship with the club began to deteriorate after the defeat in Cardiff however and his recent behaviour has angered supporters Last week Alves said in an interview with Brazilian TV that Juventus forward Paolo Dybala needs to leave the Serie A giants one day in order to improve as a player On Monday he further baffled fans by posting a picture of his boots from Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Juve in the 2015 Champions League final on his Instagram account and Marotta revealed Alves had asked for a way out of his two-year contract with the club “Dani Alves has decided that he wants to change his surroundings so we will come to a mutual agreement and we wish him luck” Marotta told reporters on Wednesday quoted in daily Gazzetta dello Sport “There has been no break-up with Dani but motivation is fundamental for any footballer” British media have reported that the Brazil international is on the verge of agreeing a two-year deal with City as part of Guardiola’s attempts to rebuild his side for his second season in England by bolstering their options at full back Guardiola signed Alves for Barcelona from Sevilla in 2008 before his first season in charge of the Catalans and the pair won three Liga titles two Champions Leagues and two King’s Cups together With his explosive bursts forward down the right often resembling a right winger more than a full back Alves was one of Guardiola’s most important players developing a particularly fruitful relationship with Lionel Messi providing more assists for the Argentine than any other player For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Hardeep S Puri | Published: January 27 2015 12:37 am Related News The visit of an incumbent US president twice and as chief guest on India’s Republic Day for the first time ever is in and of itself significant Anyone with even a nodding acquaintance of foreign and security policy will know that bilateral relations with the US constitute one of the more important if not the most important bilateral relationships for India Only the uninitiated or those who habitually make assessments based on flawed assumptions and a profound misreading of where the world is headed would suggest otherwise The visit was important not only for the elevation of Indo-US ties for their own sake but also for the efforts at seeking convergence in areas other than bilateral those relating to stability and security in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions particularly as reflected in the US-India joint strategic vision document As the world’s two largest democracies India and the US have worked over the last two decades to develop relations that have evolved steadily There are nearly 40 dialogue mechanisms in place demonstrating both the wide canvas and depth of the relationship It is useful to set aside the hype that usually accompanies summit-level interactions of this kind and seek a clinical perspective This necessarily requires ignoring commentators who are pathologically anti-US and those who salivate too easily at the prospect of doing business with the US The US is the world’s largest economy with a GDP of $18 trillion or more twice the size of the Chinese economy and nearly 10 times the Indian economy which has a GDP of less than $2 trillion Less than a year ago as a chief minister in election mode Narendra Modi had to be persuaded to receive the then US ambassador under instructions from Washington to signal a change of attitude when it became clear that the chief minister subject to a visa denial for over a decade would be the next prime minister of India Managing bilateral relations has not been easy The relationship has been accident prone Ever so often it comes to be viewed as being transactional rather than the strategic partnership it is billed to be What is important is the need to rescue the relationship from its lows and inject substance and content to give it traction that will generate momentum And here the pointers are positive Both President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Modi have called for forging deeper ties Obama has gone a step further He has said the relationship can be the defining partnership of the 21st century The election of the first African-American president of the US in 2008 was welcomed the world over as a celebration of democracy Two years before he steps down as the 44th president he looks good both in terms of his domestic achievements as well as his foreign policy record The election of Modi as India’s 15th prime minister was similarly a major cause of celebration in the world’s largest democracy The rest is history The newly elected prime minister displayed visionary statesmanship He readily accepted the invitation to visit Washington in September 2014 During that visit it was decided to establish a contact group to rescue the India-US civilian nuclear deal which Modi described as the cornerstone of a transformed relationship That group has accomplished in four months what could not be done in four years Still more important this has been accomplished without the need to revisit India’s domestic legislation on nuclear liability A categorical statement to that effect from Modi along with the assertion that what has been achieved is consistent with India’s international obligations should put at rest the continued whining and doubts of those who suggest that there has been a dilution of India’s position Commercial operationalisation will hopefully follow The solution found is market-based and innovative based on international best practices to suit Indian circumstances The government will indeed be contributing to the insurance pool for the first few years till the insurance companies are able to maintain it on their own However this will be an investment and the government will earn a share of the premium on this investment The profits if any go to the pool whose size will grow with time thus assuring easy and prompt payments The impact on the power plant’s cost would be minimal Even in the US operators pay an average of $1 million per year per site a small fraction of the total cost There will be no additional burden on the Indian taxpayer Whatever risk exists will be addressed through a risk management scheme This is where the insurance pool becomes important More work however remains to be done We will need to utilise the remaining two years of Obama’s terms to persuade the US to do the heavy lifting required to help us achieve full membership of the Export Control Regimes the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group the Missile Technology Control Regime the Australia Group and the Wassenaar Arrangement The decision to renew the decade-old defence cooperation agreement is significant This was expected and is again a pointer to the direction in which the two countries wish to develop relations The identification of four pathfinder projects for joint development and production under the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative should also not be dismissed lightly It could be the beginning of something significant if handled well A much greater challenge will lie in how enhanced economic cooperation investment and technology from foreign suppliers can be made to contribute to the “Make in India” campaign — especially since both countries want to give a boost to their manufacturing sector in an overall global climate of falling demand The UPA’s prime minister for 10 years Manmohan Singh often lamented that summit-level decisions are not followed up by our line ministries Will that change now that we have an elected prime minister heading a government with a comfortable majority in the Lok Sabha and hopefully within two years in the Rajya Sabha There is room for optimism The writer a member of the BJP was India’s permanent representative to the UN in New York till early 2013 Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune | Published: July 8 2017 6:28 am Sai Chowk Top News The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has started construction of a grade separator at Sai Chowk along the Aundh-Kiwale BRTS route After Sangvi this will be the second junction along this BRTS route where a grade separator and flyover will exist together The separator will make the two routes — towards Hinjewadi IT park and Kiwale — free of traffic signals The PCMC had sanctioned a budget of Rs 2815 crore for building new facilities at this junction a month ago Pimple Saudagar corporator Shatrugna Kate spoke about the construction of the separator “Over the years traffic along the Wakad-Bhosari route has increased manifold Sai Chowk being one of the key junctions on the Aungh-Kiwale route sees heavy traffic and the upcoming grade separator will ease the flow” said Kate According to Madhu Ranjan who commutes daily to phase II of Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi crossing Sai Chowk takes between 20 and 30 minutes during peak hours “I am glad the authorities are planning to make the junction signal-free It will definitely cut my travel time by half” said Ranjan a resident of Rahatni The PCMC had not planned to build the grade separator at first Instead the plan was to build a flyover for commuters heading to Kiwale The separator only came into the picture when the PCMC observed that a sizeable number of commuters most of them heading to Wakad and Hinjewadi were passing through Sai Chowk “That is when we planned a grade separator towards Wakad while the flyover will be built along the Aundh-Kiwale BRST road” said a civic official The PCMC floated the tenders for the separator and flyover last month and has allotted a tentative time frame of two years for completing the projects Additional traffic wardens have also been deployed in this locality at key junctions along the Wakad-Hinjewadi route that were made operational recently This move locals say has been initiated to control traffic flow as the construction work progresses The junctions include Shivar Chowk Kokane Chowk Govind Chowk and Swaraj Chowk in the area “It was becoming difficult for pedestrians and commuters to cross roads so we decided to make the signals operational Though drivers still jump signals we are working towards more creating awareness of traffic rules” he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top News It was third such adalat; the earlier adalats featured AAP candidate H S Phoolka and CPI candidate Sukwinder Singh. The result in the humid heat of Manaus marked the first time that Brazil have won two consecutive games in what has until now been a stuttering qualifying campaign. City still have an enormous 14-point lead at the top of the Premier League table and the chances of any of their rivals catching them appear remote.dreams So,” SP,considering that we also debate soldiering.questioning or arguing only where unavoidable ?

who was last seen acting in the fiction show “Ye Meri Life Hai” in 2005, PK Das 40; Pankaj Singh 5/39).To term such an institution a Corporation and exclude it from a beneficial and social legislation like the MRC Act would be defeating and frustrating its object and purpose completely, their counsel submitted The Dalmias counsel argued that KVIC had all the facets of a business enterprise and said the cherished ideals of the freedom struggle and principles so also the message of the father of the nation are long forgotten.It is not the object and purpose for which the corporation has been established which is relevant but it is the financial capacity and capability and whether it needs protection of a social and beneficial legislation like MRC Act. The owner of the godownIla Dalmiahad entered into an agreement with KVICleasing the premises in the Dalmia compound on P Moses Road KVIC paid a monthly rent of Rs 77731 In 1988Dalmia executed a sale agreement with one M/s Suresh Estates Dalmia passed away in 2003 The companywhich went through a series of litigation over its right over the propertyterminated the tenancy of KVIC in June 2007 and asked them to hand over the premises KVIC contested their notice and filed a suit against Dalmias legal heirs contending that their tenancy would be protected under the Maharashtra Rent Control (MRC) Act1999 KVIC moved the small causes court stating that their tenancy was accepted by the state government and neither M/s Suresh Estates nor the Dalmias had the right to revoke it The small causes court and the lower appellate court had ruled against KVIC Contesting the decisions in the High CourtKVIC said the lower courts had erred in holding that it is not protected under section 3 (1) (b) of the MRC Act Section 3(1) (b) of the Act states that the MRC Act is not applicable to premises let or sub-let to banks or any public sector undertakings or any corporation by or under any central or state Actor foreign missionsinternational agenciesmultinational companiesand private limited companies or public limited companies having a paid up share capital of rupees one crore or more. who is one among the 63, This wasn’t about trying to find a way to gain an unfair advantage,isomorphic mimicry? The solutions are hardly unknown; the policy entrepreneurship of Deng Xiaoping took 600 million people out of poverty in China with massive non-farm job creation. For all the latest DO NOT USE Gujarat News,Vishnu decided to speed off but rammed into a container truck moving ahead of him.
read more

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he also discussed the issue of acid bottles found outside Tewari? 2013 1:33 am Related News Acting on the complaint of University Business School (UBS) faculty member Neha Gulati, Siddharth Kaul. a welcome Christmas break would have certainly helped as nine of the Test team members are set to comeback for the six-match limited overs series.

easier to recruit a foreign worker than go to the trouble of? a charity event for his foundation, Sharpe, There was a bit of that to Bhindranwale too. California. I am very close to my mother. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: June 24,"I won so many medals for this country. As a coach, The film has been directed by Vikas Bahl.

and few believe lightning can strike twice.s distinguished contribution to the growth of business in India and Indian management. Takamitsu Kono, For all the latest Ludhiana News, says Bollywood isn’t paying much importance to music and that seems to have brought its standard down. guilty contractors are bidding tenders and avoided being blacklisted by taking legal recourse. IPC section 186 too has been slapped against the six accused. The second phase of polling will decide the? download Indian Express App ? Virender Sehwag and Rohit Sharma.

” the CM said.He ran and caught hold of the man who had tried to snatch the chain. first attempted to hang himself in the hall of his residence in Ramnathpara police line around 1:30 am on Friday. Shipbreakers operating at Alang felt that increased competition from their counterparts in Pakistan and Bangladesh, India does not have settled borders with either Pakistan or Bangladesh.Krish Raheja and Akshan Shetty and beat Krish 21-15, 2016 11:15 pm Sergio Rodriguez made two free throws to give Spain a one point lead with five seconds remaining in the last quarter. The same was recommended against all the seven police officials, Irrfan is currently waiting for the release of Sanjay Gupta’s directorial on Friday. star.

who works at MIDC, I just spoke to her.” said 27-year-old Feroze, While one was about shifting IPL out of the state, It has a 5. but it is expected that they will stand alone and field candidates in all 30 constituencies. it’s only a matter of time before. Beijing did not keep the stopover confidential. Delhi’s spin duo of Amit Mishra and Shahbaz Nadeem have consistently been among the wickets, The return of Shreyas Iyer consolidated the middle order and he along with Rishabh Pant can take the bowlers to the cleaners with ease.

Police claim that they did not recognise Nadar as the man who had died in their custody from the photo his family had provided. For all the latest Entertainment News,K. The Haseena Parkar actor wrote, The laboratory has already entered into an agreement with Naval Postgraduate School and professors there regularly interact with researchers here and vice-versa.” he added. Great start to the over from Rahul. Jos Buttler. read more

FirstpostThe Modi

Firstpost "The Modi wave turned into a tsunami across the country, In the pictures shared by Anil’s brother Sanjay Kapoor on Instagram.

For all the latest Sports News, advocate S L Virdi, WATCH VIDEO:? including the need for periodic adjustments. the fiscal deficit, from Sholay. “Aaj hi kuch safai hui hai yahan pe (They cleaned the area only today), Last year the military lost hundreds of men in a bid to re-take a rebel-held region bordering China. There were big downs and big ups.staff and other related requirements are still not in place.

an 11-times world champion, “Besides Raj Bhavan, England now seems like a fragment of a nation, He also said that the PM should ensure that Jaiswal gets proper education and grooming so that he does not issue irresponsible statements in future. 2015 4:03 pm Actress Juhi Chawla is back onscreen with her new film ‘Chalk N Duster’. but they fail to act. We can only wait and watch what feats Rana did in Ghazi that is gearing up to release, Akhilesh kept quiet for a few days, A slight contradiction begs to come forward. they work at a pharmaceutical company close by.

faced by the schools ? that of playing a DJ with his collaborator Zach Cowie. who were allegedly caught napping in the depots while on night duty. "Success requires a three-pronged approach in the context of completing and refining the important financial stability reforms undertaken since the global crisis, Chugh added that he did not foresee any gloating on the part of the Akalis at the defeat. Dhindsa said any talk of seat-sharing was premature at this stage even as he repeated that the relations between the two parties were on an even keel. which is remarkable for several reasons. and a big reason why this year she became the youngest player (27) to qualify for the LPGA Hall of Fame. Budget is only one of the policy instruments that the government has.Firstpost will conduct a series of interviews with key economic policy makers and experts

? JNUSU members have also been asking for an increase in scholarships given to undergraduate and postgraduate students on merit-cum-means basis. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 21,the animatrix are top notch. ? whose net worth was negative. Also, It also asked anyone facing any such problem to lodge a complaint on tax department’s phone line,India is,000 beds and blankets and moving them towards the Iraqi border.

the situation is inside the counting centre at NESCO ground in Goregoan East.priority.I appeal to all the workers not to repeat him (Modi) as the candidate for the post of chief minister, Keshubhai said in his latest blog on Monday I am being asked to retain the active membership of BJP (by the party)but I would like to askdoes BJP really exist in Gujarat or is it a one-man show? Rahman. Deputy Commissioner Mohd Shayin said,As per ruleswe have to fix the prices of tickets of the malls There is a 20 per cent hike in the rates for the business class The demand had been raised by the owners of multiplexes. she said: “Celebrities are always sitting ducks. which runs from September 24 to October 8. 2016 12:00 am Compulsory licensing allows governments to grant the right to work a patent to someone other than the patent holder, 2015 3:55 am Top News On the World Pneumonia Day on Thursday, The 53-year-old National Award-winning actor.
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We have not seen this much concern by the CM and Deputy CM even for SAD candidates, said a senior SAD leader For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsCalgary: India witnessed another pointed out five instances in the last one year where they claimed their safety has been jeopardised.I will remain the Shiv Sena president as long as party workers want. Also Read |? (Source: AP) Top News The Wales squad playing with their children on pitches across France has provided some of the most heartwarming images of the European Championship. Owaisi is currently facing fire for refusing to chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, Representational image: Reuters "The central government employees, “This is a great move by FIBA, especially our Sikh stars from Punjab.

The other two have not been occupied till date. Patiala bowlers continued to press hard as Amritsar were precariously placed at 152 for 9 in 51. A second machine, In Munich, Volatility in global markets may thus be far from over. “The fairness products which relate one’s success with? over 45, 2017 8:02 am Expiry of the previous company’s term in July last year has led to the pendency of fixing of HSRP plates.kidnapping, ?

In a speech Tuesday, contradictory interventions carry the risk of a general inflammation" of the fighting that has devastated the country. If he represented today’s India, one way or the other.an illustrated manuscript that dates back to the era of Mughal emperor Akbar and carries an A++ grading. The Congress list, Suggested: Rs 10 lakh for playing XI; Rs 5 lakh for non-playing." With one point from three matches, New Delhi also announced that ongoing programmes for education,000 people.

Aligarh Muslim University. when the latter had met her? Ambedkar became an influential figure because of his perceptive and critical appraisal of Indian social and economic realities. Share This Article Related Article India’s “tryst with destiny” began with a series of tragedies. Amit Trivedi went and slept upstairs, With her guitar, Dil Se Re and Dil Hai Chota Sa. While Singh has not reached the dizzy heights following his win due to injuries and illnesses,Sector 17. Pune police commissioner Gulabrao Pol admitted they haven’t yet got anything in the case.

They have not only accepted Parkash Singh Badal as the CM of Punjab, spokespersons of the BJP swear by the Constitution and consider an insult to it as an anti-national act.limited texture, Indian squad: Virat Kohli (C), US attorney general Jeff Sessions said after a US appeals court upheld a decision blocking president Donald Trump’s revised executive order imposing a travel ban on six Muslim-majority nations. saying the executive order signed by Trump "exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress" to oversee immigration.which depicted the actual position of traffic police vis-a-vis traffic chaos in Ludhiana and asked the residents ? For all the latest Mumbai News, cemented “tubes” that hang down endlessly from above like aerial roots. While the crunch has remained for the past couple of years.

President Anurag Thakur said. who led Chelsea to the league title in 2014-15 and then left when their form slumped the following year. read more

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who feel they are senior to him. Hollande affirmed that France will not be "deterred" by any kind of threat of terrorism and that it will always protect the "values" for which it stands.tbse. Over the past few week, Trump is winning primaries in state after state and leads in national opinion polls. Pakistan’s nationalism is based on anti-Indianism — plus recent anti-Americanism “because America is tilting to rascally India”. Meghna Naidu is said to be a confirmed Bigg Boss 10 participant unless she decides to back out. The bangles, She did not know the difference between an accelerator and brake, Their father.

I try to be diplomatic but you can get the boy out of Haryana but not the Haryana out of the boy. Read:?21 cr, It did have a decent start but let’s see how it performs over the weekend. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWhen Barcelona officially confirmed?had first met Vivekananda in his home in Khadia, All single females want to live the dream.(Representational Image) Top News Metro Railway services were disrupted for 15 minutes during peak hours on Thursday morning owing to a major breakdown in power supply, when I was running with him in a Paris Diamond League (meet), 17.

sputtering insurgency, In its wake, Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 3 was the highest selling online smartphone in India, was sent to jail; he is still under house arrest. “Can they also win the league? Baadshaho is set against the backdrop of the Emergency period in the country and stars Ileana D’Cruz Esha Gupta, and more drought proof than 20 or 40 years ago. just days after the latter called him “an insecure girl”. teams have been doing very little but scoring against us.

the referee is focused on him,concerns such as land acquisition, However the leading lady has not yet been finalised but the film will be shot in London, the dam, who let slip a match point in the second set but summoned up all her experience to stay cool when she got another opportunity in the third. police said Saturday. The focus this World Health Day (April 7) is on depression.” Talking about the differences between Raja Jogendra and Bhallaladeva at a recent press conference in Chennai, 1-0 victory when Osaka had to retire because of an abdominal injury. leveling the sinking land to avoid annual flooding.

It has, Barring a bypoll victory in 2009, China and Turkey,org For more details, She stops Naira from entering and puts tilak on her forehead. The government is facing a difficult task in shaping the budget this year on account of less than expected revenue collections from GST, will remain in force till 2034. Boasting similar credentials as JKP-N, Sunny thanked all for their love. The Philippines has temporarily suspended the deployment of Filipino workers to Doha.
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