Warning issued after man with measles travels through Torontos Pearson Intl Airport

first_imgTORONTO – A Niagara man with a confirmed case of measles passed through Pearson Airport on Feb 22., according to Niagara Region Public Health.The health agency says the man contacted the infection while traveling in Cambodia and China before returning to Toronto.The virus was detected at the West Lincoln Memorial hospital emergency room in Grimsby on Feb. 27.Anyone who was at Pearson Airport on Feb 22. between the hours of 6:20 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. may have been exposed to the virus.The man traveled on Air Canada flight number 16 from Hong Kong which arrived at Terminal 1 at 6:20. He also flew on Cathay Pacific flight number 5249 at 11:20 a.m. which arrived in Hong Kong from Cambodia at 3 p.m.Anyone who may have come in to contact with the man is asked to watch for signs and symptoms of measles as they can flare up two to three weeks after the initial contraction.Public Health also recommends making sure your vaccinations are up-to-date.last_img read more

Algonquin Nation guaranteed space in Indigenous centre as deal ends hunger strike

first_imgOTTAWA — The Algonquin Nation will be guaranteed a space in a major Indigenous centre in Ottawa after an agreement with the federal government ended a grand chief’s hunger strike.Verna Polson of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council had refused both food and water starting early Monday and extending into Tuesday evening.Polson was protesting the limited role the Algonquins were playing in the development of the Indigenous Peoples Space, a project that encompasses a prime area near Parliament Hill centred on the former U.S. Embassy.The project is run by three national Indigenous organizations but Polson said the Algonquin deserve equal standing because the building is on unceded, traditional Algonquin land.Under the agreement struck Tuesday between the Algonquin Nation and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, the Algonquin Nation will have a space in the Indigenous Peoples Space guaranteed for its use.The Algonquins will have control of space between the former embassy and a building on the next block occupied by a bank.Frankie Cote, a band councillor for an Algonquin community near Ottawa who participated in the meetings with the government, said the Algonquins would likely construct a building in the infill space.He said it’s important to the Algonquins that they have their own area in the project and he is glad the two parties came to an agreement as soon as they did.“We were working hard, 12 hours on Canada Day, because of the utmost concern for Grand Chief Polson’s health,” Cote said. Discussions with the government had been going for several weeks before Polson’s hunger strike increased pressure on the talks, he said.“We were trying to come to a resolution that would get her out of the wigwam and drinking water,” Cote said.The Assembly of First Nations, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and the Metis National Council are currently equal partners in the project.While the Algonquins secured a dedicated space, the agreement with the government did not guarantee the Algonquin Nation an equal seat at the table in the overall decision-making of the project — one of Polson’s stated goals in her hunger strike.The government’s position prior to Polson’s hunger strike was that the Indigenous groups responsible for the project should determine its governance structure themselves.But Cote said the government has reiterated a commitment not to open the space until the Algonquins’ concerns are dealt with.The Assembly of First Nations strongly supported Polson’s and Cote’s view, but the groups representing Inuit and Metis peoples had opposed the proposal to give equal standing to the Algonquin Nation.Cote said discussions between the Algonquins and the national groups will continue to determine what role the Algonquin Nation will play.The AFN’s national chief Perry Bellegarde said Tuesday a series of memorandums of understanding had been drafted with the help of Assembly of First Nations staff and might form the basis of an agreement between the Algonquin Nation and the national organizations.Christian Paas-Lang, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Soulpepper set to stage its next show after Albert Schultz allegations

first_imgAdvertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment The show will go on at Toronto-based Soulpepper Theatre Company.On Saturday, just over a week after four actresses filed separate lawsuits against the company and founding artistic director Albert Schultz, the theatre will start running its next production: American playwright Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning A Delicate Balance.The Schultz scandal has posed a conundrum for patrons and artists alike, who must decide whether to support a production at Soulpepper as the company further investigates sexual harassment claims. Soulpepper Theater Company artistic director Albert Schultz resigned Thursday, the company’s board of directors said. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press) Soulpepper has said it was unaware of any allegations of sexual misconduct against Schultz or anyone else, having conducted investigations into the issue as recently as this past fall. The lawsuits filed by Diana Bentley, Kristin Booth, Patricia Fagan and Hannah Miller allege Schultz groped them, exposed himself, pressed against them, or otherwise behaved inappropriately.None of their allegations have been tested in court and neither Schultz nor Soulpepper have filed a statement of defence. Schultz said he will “vigorously defend” himself against the allegations. Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With: Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

15yearold girls caught on joyride by OPP at RIDE program

Ontario Provincial Police say two 15-year-old girls were caught driving after they tried to avoid a RIDE program in Huron County. Officers stationed at a checkpoint around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday spotted a vehicle pull a U-turn to try and avoid the program.“The alert officer noticed the suspicious move and took after the vehicle,” said OPP in a news release. “A traffic stop was conducted and when it came time to hand over a driver’s licence, the driver ran into a little problem.”Police discovered the driver and passenger were only 15 years old, and the driver had taken her parents car without their permission.A guardian came to the scene to get the vehicle and the teenagers. The 15-year-old driver will now have to complete a Youth Diversionary Program to avoid being charged.

DR of Congo UN reports human rights violations in Kisangani disturbances

Some 50 people were killed during the disturbances, MONUC says in its report, which covers the events that took place in Kisangani from 14 to 21 May. The victims included men, women and children; some of the bodies found by UN personnel had been mutilated.The incident began with the takeover by armed men of a local radio station, which was then used to broadcast calls to the local population to take up arms against ethnic Rwandans in Kisangani, MONUC says.Once security troops loyal to the RCD had regained control of the station, RCD officials warned people in public broadcasts to stay at home and clearly threatened anyone who would not follow the instructions.

After Maldives high court removes election officials Ban urges respect for rule

“The Secretary-General underlines the importance of respect for the principle of separation of powers, the rule of law, and the independence of constitutionally established bodies,” Mr. Ban said in a statement issued by his spokesperson in New York. “He commends the Elections Commission for its professionalism and tireless efforts to ensure credible and transparent elections,” the statement said.Further, the UN chief urged all political leaders to respect the democratic process and allow for a peaceful, inclusive and credible Parliamentary vote to take place in accordance with the Constitution. “It is of the utmost importance that of the will of the Maldivian people be respected throughout the process,” he said.In mid-November, the Secretary-General welcomed the conclusion of the run-off of the presidential election in the Maldives, and urged everyone in the country to work together to advance the democratic process. That poll, which reportedly led to the election of Yaamin Abdul Gayoom, brought to a close a process that began with the first vote on 7 September, which was later annulled by the Supreme Court amid allegations of electoral fraud. A re-run planned for 19 October was further delayed, before finally being held on 9 November. read more

African Union–UN mission calls for restraint in West Darfur as tensions rise

“Receiving reports of continuous unrest and sporadic firing across El Geneina and in Mouli with an undetermined number of casualties, UNAMID calls on the government authorities to exert their utmost efforts to contain the situation and investigate the incidents,” the Mission said in a press statement issued yesterday.Tensions developed on 9 January after an unidentified armed group attacked Mouli village. A large number of inhabitants were displaced to El Geneina, where the next day they demonstrated in front of the Wali’s office – leading to the closure of schools and commercial businesses in the town. “UNAMID emphasises the importance of restraint by all parties and stands ready to assist the state authorities as well as the Darfuri people in their efforts to arrive at a peaceful resolution of the situation,” concluded the statement. read more

We Put Bryce Harper And Manny Machado On A Bunch Of Different

We are now less than a week away from almost all pitchers and catchers reporting, and the two biggest free agents on the market — Manny Machado and Bryce Harper — have yet to sign. The rumor mill around them continues to swirl, but we’re tired of not knowing for sure where these two will play this year. So we thought we’d take matters into our own hands, instead of simply waiting around for the latest hot-stove updates.To that end, we called on our friends at Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP), a strategic simulation game that allows players to put on their general manager hats and run their own teams. We asked them to simulate out the careers of Harper and Machado a bunch of times under scenarios where they sign with a bunch of different teams. Think of it as the multiverse of MLB possibilities that still could play out, depending on where these two superstars end up signing.It’s important to note that this is all guided by the game’s artificial intelligence, so it’s based on a simulation engine primarily intended for fun gameplay.1Though it can be a pretty serious simulation, as far as these things go. Perhaps you’ve heard of the soccer sim Football Manager and its notoriously addictive qualities? OOTP is essentially the same game, except for baseball. Having said all that, in the true spirit of J. Henry Waugh’s Universal Baseball Association, what if …… Machado signs with the White Sox?Frequency: 80 percent of simulations2OOTP ran 25 sample offseasons for us, tracking how often each player signed with which team.Average contract: Eight years for $198 millionSix-year team wins: 78.7 per seasonSix-year WAR: 6.0 per seasonBest playoff result: Loses divisional series in 2021Machado is one of the brightest stars in the OOTP universe, with an overall rating of 77 out of 80 (using the traditional 20-80 scouting scale). If he were to sign with the White Sox, one of his most frequently rumored suitors in real life, OOTP sees him having a tremendous individual debut in Chicago, putting together an All-Star season worth 6.5 wins above replacement. But the White Sox would have to wait until 2020 to improve as a team, leaping from 63 wins in 2019 to 92 in 2020, with Machado once again having a strong 5.8-WAR season. Chicago would average 92 wins per season in 2020 and ’21, making the playoffs both years, but they would top out with a tough five-game loss in the American League Division Series in 2021, then drop down to 80 wins in 2022 as Machado’s teammates regress.He would average 5.7 WAR per season over the next two years, but the Sox would miss the playoffs both seasons, with Machado opting out of his contract to join the New York Mets on a five-year, $197.5 million deal before the 2025 season. (Chicago would be fine without him, making the American League Championship Series in 2025 and 2026.) In New York, Machado’s individual numbers would decline to an average of 4.1 WAR per season, but he would help the 2028 Mets reach the World Series — where, in classic Mets fashion, they would lose to the Astros in seven games. After bouncing to the Nationals and Rockies in the early 2030s, Machado would retire in October 2032 with a JAWS score of 63.4, which should easily earn him a place in the Hall of Fame.… Machado signs with the Padres?Frequency: 20 percent of simulationsAverage contract: Eight years for $212 millionSix-year team wins: 83.3 per seasonSix-year WAR: 5.0 per seasonBest playoff result: Loses league championship series in 2024If Machado were to sign with San Diego, OOTP’s AI thinks that he would make about $14 million more over an eight-year contract than he would with the White Sox. But how would his Padres do on the field? In this universe, Machado would have an incredible initial campaign in Southern California, putting up 7.5 WAR and winning the National League’s MVP in 2019. His team, though, would only improve from 66 to 76 wins, good for third place in the NL West, and Machado would later struggle to repeat his amazing debut season. The simulations have him averaging just 4.1 WAR per season in 2020-21, with the Padres winning only 71 games a year. But in 2022, Machado would bounce back with 5.2 WAR, and San Diego would win 95 games, making the divisional series. It’s part of a three-year playoff surge for the Padres, peaking with 100 wins in 2024 — but that team is projected to crash out of the playoffs with a disappointing five-game NLCS loss to the Dodgers.That offseason, Machado would opt out of his initial contract and sign a five-year, $157.5 million deal with the expansion Memphis Scouts — which are a thing in this universe! — where he would spend the next five seasons playing reasonably well (4.2 WAR per year), but losing so many ballgames would surely give him flashbacks to the horrid 2018 Orioles. The best season of Machado’s final years is forecast to be an out-of-nowhere 4.3-WAR season with the 101-win Cincinnati Reds in 2032, but that team would ultimately lose in the divisional series. In September 2035, Machado would retire from pro baseball as a probable Hall of Famer.… Machado signs somewhere else?While OOTP’s AI thinks Chicago and San Diego are the destinations most likely for Machado, it also forced him onto the Phillies, Yankees and Twins for the sake of the full multiverse. The first two outcomes are about a wash individually, with Machado nearing 7 WAR in his best simulated season for each team and producing roughly the same total WAR (33.9 in New York, 32.6 in Philly). He would also stay longer in each city: seven years with the Phillies before opting out to join the Giants and the full eight-year contract span with the Yankees. But in terms of team performance, Machado wouldn’t win a World Series in either Philadelphia or New York, coming closest with a seven-game ALCS loss in 2022 as part of his Yankees timeline. It’s kind of a sad set of outcomes for a pair of teams that you’d think would offer Machado the greatest chance of team success. As for the Twins, they would be very successful with Machado, winning 90.2 games per season in his five years in Minnesota, including a World Series berth in 2021. But he would also opt out of that contract as early as possible, moving on to sign a massive deal with the Giants. Such is the way of Minnesota sports. So where should each star sign? If these OOTP simulations are any indication, it looks like Harper and the Cardinals would be best off with him playing right field in St. Louis, and Machado should lean toward manning the hot corner for the Padres. But those are but two options in the multiverse of possible outcomes. The only thing that we are 100 percent certain about is that at least one of these teams should sign these guys now. Stars like Machado and Harper shouldn’t still be going into spring training without a deal in place — for their own sake and for the sake of fan bases whose teams can use them to compete this season.Special thanks to Richard Grisham and Out of the Park Developments for their help with this story. Let’s move on to Harper, whose future is more difficult to read than Machado’s. OOTP’s AI predicted that he’d sign with any of four teams — the Giants (64 percent), Cardinals (20 percent), Padres (12 percent) and Dodgers (4 percent) — and that’s not even the full spate of his commonly rumored options. But let’s peer into OOTP’s crystal ball anyway. What if …… Harper signs with the Giants?Frequency: 64 percent of simulationsAverage contract: Seven years for $175 millionSix-year team wins: 82.1 per seasonSix-year WAR: 3.3 per seasonBest playoff result: No playoffsThe Giants are a weird team that won 73 games last season despite trying to contend, and they do have the need for a corner outfielder like Harper if they want to try it again in 2019. According to OOTP, San Francisco would pay about $15 million to $20 million more over a seven-year deal than Harper’s other potential suitors, and they wouldn’t get much postseason success out of it. They are projected to average 85.5 wins per season over the first four years of Harper’s deal, finishing second in the NL West (and out of the playoffs) each year. They would also get classic inconsistent Bryce: 5.7 WAR in Year 1, followed by 2.2 and 2.9 WAR (both seasons riddled with injuries), then 4.4, and then 0.6 in a terrible 2023 season during which Harper would hit .209, with the Giants crashing to 74 wins.After six up-and-down seasons by the Bay, Harper would sign a four-year, $116.8 million deal with the Brewers. He is projected for a strong season on a playoff-bound Milwaukee team in 2025 but then just 2.1 WAR per year over the next two seasons before opting out early yet again to join … yes, the Yankees. During his inevitable run in pinstripes, Harper would boast an .821 OPS as his Yanks make (and lose) the ALCS in 2028, but he would put up negative WAR over the next two seasons. He would retire at age 38 after being released by New York (and briefly rejoining the Giants). Harper’s final JAWS score of 49.9 would put him right on the edge of the Hall of Fame relative to other right fielders.… Harper signs with the Cardinals?Frequency: 20 percent of simulationsAverage contract: Seven years for $151 millionSix-year team wins: 87.2 per seasonSix-year WAR: 4.9 per seasonBest playoff result: Loses World Series in 2027 and 2030This is one of the most successful universes either star free agent had in our OOTP simulations. In this world, the Cardinals would grab Harper for the bargain-bin price of $151 million, and he would stay with them for a total of 12 seasons thanks to another midcareer contract extension. St. Louis would be mostly competitive throughout Harper’s dozen seasons there, averaging 87 wins per year and making the playoffs nine times, including two pennant-winning runs. Harper is projected for 53.4 total WAR in a Cardinals uniform (which would actually rank him just below Ozzie Smith for fifth on the franchise’s all-time leaderboard), winning the 2023 NL MVP with a 1.033 OPS and 7.4 WAR. In Harper’s final season as a Cardinal at age 37, OOTP sees St. Louis losing the 2030 World Series to (Machado’s?) White Sox in a heartbreaking seventh game.After leaving St. Louis, Harper would sign a three-year, $62 million deal with the Mets, but a fractured knee would cost him 88 games in his first New York season, and he wouldn’t be the same player afterward, averaging just 1.1 WAR/year in 2032-33. Following an ineffective 51-game stint with the Giants in 2034, Harper would retire as a surefire Hall of Famer with a JAWS score of 69.2.… Harper signs somewhere else?Harper has been linked to so many teams, it’s tough to keep track sometimes. So we asked OOTP to look at the other teams its own AI saw Harper signing with (the Padres and Dodgers), plus the Phillies, White Sox and Harper’s erstwhile team, the Nationals. Of those, the Dodgers easily offer the greatest amount of team glory — in fact, they would basically become a dynasty with Bryce on board, winning the 2020, 2021, 2023 and 2024 World Series and losing it in 2025 (as Harper would put up 44.3 WAR during seven seasons in L.A.).3Just for good measure, Harper would return to Washington in this Dodgers simulation, after a four-season stint with the Mariners, and would also win the 2030 World Series with the Nats in his age-37 season. Individually, Harper would finish with 98.3 WAR in that universe, edging out his 93.2 WAR in the Cardinals simulation for the best of the options we looked at. The rest offer varying degrees of lesser success from both a team and personal perspective, with the Phillies, Nats and Padres projected to make the playoffs a few times on Harper’s first contract (he would re-up with the Padres and Nationals for the long-term in those simulations) and Harper accumulating just shy of 80 career WAR in each universe. read more

Foxconn records 218M fullyear net loss for 2010

first_imgFoxconn, a company that manufactures products from motherboards to the ever-so-popular iPhone, announced in a press release today that it lost about $218 million this past year. That’s a lot of money and a surprise for a company manufacturing parts for one of the most popular smartphones and tablets on the market today.The company said 2010 was an “extremely difficult year” for them. There were major changes in the mobile ecosystem thanks to new players, software and applications, and the introduction of new business models. Foxconn’s revenue for 2010 was $6.63 billion, which is 8.2 percent less than the prior year’s $7.21 billion.AdChoices广告Foxconn said the “intensifying market share struggles among global OEM brands” had made it hard for the global handset EMS market due to pricing pressure for Foxconn’s products.These alarming figures have lit a fire at the company to make some changes. Foxconn said it needs to change as the market and its customers are changing. Selling its Taiyuan legal entity will hopefully help in reducing costs. Still, Foxconn says that as smartphones become the mainstream of the market, it’s still in a leading position in the marketplace thanks to its end-to-end solutions.If Foxconn continues making parts and building products for Apple, it will most likely be in an okay place. But, will this year’s loss effect Apple in any way? We know that Foxconn said last week that it had enough components stockpiled to continue building the iPad 2 for a few more weeks, but could there be changes in the future with who helps manufacture Apple products?Read more at the Foxconn press release (PDF)last_img read more

Frontfacing camera battle Samsung Galaxy Nexus at 720p vs iPhone 4S

first_imgOf the many things that are said about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, possibly the single most highly criticized feature is the camera. In a world where competing devices like the iPhone 4S and the HTC Rezound are coming in at 8 megapixels for the rear facing camera, the Galaxy Nexus sports what many considered to be an out-of-date 5 megapixel model. The counter argument is always the same — that it’s not the size of the megapixel rather the quality of the optics that matter. And as the Galaxy Nexus release date gets closer, we’ve started to see that the cameras on the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S really aren’t that different. But what about the other camera, the front-facing one, on these phones?As Google Hangouts and FaceTime start to grow in popularity, that front-facing camera’s quality is going to mean a lot more to users. With that in mind, I’m  a little puzzled as to why Google and Samsung have yet to tout one of the more “breakthrough” features of the Galaxy Nexus. Apparently, this device doesn’t just have a great front camera, but one of the first to shoot in 720p.HD cameras on smartphones aren’t a new thing, we’ve seen them on smartphones for a little over a year now. As the next wave of smartphones come out, we’ll be seeing more 1080p or “Full HD” cameras entering pockets. For the FFC, however, the best we see is usually shot at a 640×480 (VGA) resolution. For example, take a look at the video of the iPhone 4S we have here…Now, what happens when that resolution jumps from 640×480 to 1280×720? Geek.com’s own Sal Cangeloso loves spinning in his chair so much, he grabbed this video with the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus…The 1.3 megapixel camera on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the VGA camera on the iPhone 4S both do a great job recording video, especially with so much movement going on all around. When you video chat with someone who is using a smartphone, there’s probably not going to be a huge difference. However when you attempt a FaceTime or a Google Video Chat with someone on a larger screen, especially an HD screen, the difference will be pretty clear.last_img read more

ASA Applauds Completion of Farm Bill

first_imgSoybean Program “More Equitable” in New Six-Year LegislationThe American Soybean Association (ASA) today congratulated House and Senate conferees on completion of the 2002 Farm Bill, and called for its quick enactment into law. ASA President Bart Ruth stated that “this legislation improves income protection for U.S. soybean farmers, and makes support for soybeans more equitable with other program crops.” Under the new farm bill, producers who have planted soybeans in the past will be eligible for both direct and counter-cyclical (target price) payments – top goals of ASA throughout the farm bill development process. Ruth also commended Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin and House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest on increasing funding for trade, energy, and conservation programs important to U.S. Soybean producers.Ruth’s comments followed release of the Conference Report on “The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002,” which will be effective for the 2002 through 2007 crops of soybeans and other major commodities. For soybeans, the bill establishes a loan rate of $5.00/bu., a direct payment of $0.44/Bu, and a target price of $5.80/Bu Producers will be able to include soybeans in their existing program bases, or to update bases to average crop production in 1998-2001. Direct payments will be determined using yields adjusted back to historical 1981-85 levels (the same period used to determine yields for direct payments for other program crops), while producers who update their bases will be able to use partially updated yields to determine counter-cyclical payments under the target price program. ASA strongly supported giving producers the option to update their acreage to include soybeans for direct payments, as well as the yield update provisions adopted by the Conference Committee.ASA also expressed its view that the new Farm Bill moves the soybean program toward U.S. goals in the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations by reducing the amount of income protection received by U.S. Soybean growers under the soybean loan rate (which is tied to current production and classified by the WTO as trade distorting “amber box” payments), and replacing it with direct payments (classified by the WTO as non-trade distorting or “green box” income support) and counter-cyclical payments. Under the new Farm Bill, both the direct and counter-cyclical payments are totally decoupled from current production. Additionally, both the direct and counter-cyclical payments will be paid on only 85 percent of a producer’s base acreage. Finally, both the direct and counter-cyclical payments will be based on less than current average yields. “Some oilseed-producing nations have been complaining loudly about the amount of income protection received by U.S. Soybean growers that is tied to current production and received as LDP payments under the current soybean loan rate of $5.26 per bushel,” Ruth said. “Beginning with the 2002 soybean crop under the new Farm Bill, the portion of income protection received as LDP payments will be significantly reduced and replaced with payments that are classified as “green box” and counter-cyclical payments that are totally decoupled from current production.”“ASA is very pleased with trade-related provisions in the new bill,” Ruth continued. “Increasing funding for the Foreign Market Development (FMD) program from $27.5 to $34.5 million, and for the Market Access Program (MAP) from $100 million to $200 million over six years, will strengthen ASA’s export promotion efforts abroad.” Ruth added that “we also commend Conferees on doubling funding for the Food for Progress Program to $308 million, and for including $100 million for the Global Food for Education Program.” Ruth said “expanding food aid, including increasing the use of soy protein in humanitarian assistance programs, is one of ASA’s most important marketing activities.”The ASA leader from Rising City, Nebraska, noted that the new energy title in the bill provides funding for a new biodiesel education program and continuation of the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Bioenergy program. Ruth also pointed to authorization of a new $2 billion Conservation Security Program in the legislation, which will provide much needed resources to producers applying conservation practices on working lands. Ruth also lauded Conferee action to quadruple funding for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), which helps livestock producers comply with environmental regulations and helps crop farmers with water conservation and other improvements.“I want to commend Chairmen Harkin and Combest and their colleagues on completing an arduous process in time for programs to be implemented for 2002 crops,” Ruth stated. “ASA would also like to thank Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Senator Thad Cochran for their assistance in negotiations on soybean program provisions.”“The completion of a new Farm Bill that provides adequate funds for market development, food assistance, conservation, energy, and rural development, and producer income support provides an important leg of the stool for U.S. agriculture,” Ruth continued. “But it is just one leg of the stool. Adequate agricultural research and other funding through the appropriations process, and legislation that facilitates and encourages demand expansion are two other important legs. The Senate last week voted on a comprehensive energy bill that will stimulate demand for soy through a biodiesel tax incentive, a renewable standard for motor fuels, and other provisions. Soybean farmers now call upon the House of Representatives to accept these provisions in Conference. ASA also knows that global demand expansion and worldwide income growth brought about by trade liberalization is critical to soybean farmers’ future. We therefore now call upon the Senate to pass Trade Promotion Authority.”last_img read more

Vancouver woman sentenced in moneylaundering scheme

first_imgA Vancouver woman was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Portland to three years’ probation, including six months’ home detention, for a money laundering scheme involving an automobile dealership.Karla Gaitan, 38, pleaded guilty March 2, 2010, to a single count of money laundering.The investigation began in August 2008, when investigators suspected Gaitan and her business, Kaind Auto Sales, were involved with a number of suspected drug dealers in the Portland area. An inventory showed that Gaitan had purchased a high number of cars at auto auction — 2,072 cars for more than $4 million between 2005 and 2008 — but had very little inventory.“This led investigators to suspect that the buyers were laundering illegal money,” according to a news release from the U.S. Department of Justice.In August 2008, undercover IRS agents, posing as drug dealers, gave Gaitan $15,000 in cash for a SUV so that a concealed compartment could be built into it to transport money and drugs.last_img read more

ALM Relaunches Better Buildings Brand with a National Supplement

first_imgALM is resurrecting its Better Buildings brand, a tri-state area building management magazine which debuted in 1981 and shuttered in the mid 1990s, with the launch of a national, quarterly supplement of the same name, to be distributed along with its Real Estate Forum magazine.The roughly 24-page publication will reach 54,000 executives across the real estate industry and will kick off with Real Estate Forum’s February/March issue.Along with its shift to national coverage, the relaunched brand will focus on “the marriage between building operations and asset management,” says content director John Salustri, who also served as editor of the initial magazine. “The original Better Buildings was focused more on the maintenance side of the industry and was very nuts and bolts. The new version will be much more in keeping with the strategic planning mode of Real Estate Forum.” While Salustri says any statement about an increase in frequency or a move to a standalone magazine would be premature, he adds that it’s something his company is “looking at seriously,” and certainly not ruling out. The idea for the relaunch came directly from reader surveys, says Salustri. “We saw a growing indication from our readers that they needed more of this day-to-day application of larger strategies in the commercial office space. So, this is a direct response to that.”last_img read more

Weak pound makes for a record April for overseas visits spend to

first_img Travelweek Group Wednesday, June 28, 2017 Share Posted by TORONTO — More than 3.7 million visits were made to the UK in April 2017, up 19% compared to the same month last year and the highest April since records began, according to VisitBritain.Overseas visitors spent a record £2 billion in April, 20% up on the same month last year.VisitBritain says the figures come on the back of a record first-quarter for inbound visits to the UK and spend.This year “is off to an exceptional start for North American inbound tourism to the UK, up 16% from January to April, compared to the same period last year,” said VisitBritain’s Interim Executive Vice President, Americas, Paul Gauger. “We’re thrilled to continue the momentum from 2016, moving into peak summer season, and showcase why there has never been a better time to visit Britain.”These latest figures bring the number of inbound visits to the UK for January to April this year to a record 11.8 million, 11% up on the same period in 2016 with visitors spending £6.2 billion, up 14% and also setting a new record. Growth this year has been led from long-haul regions including North America with more than one million visits from January to April, up 16% compared to the same period last year.More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJThere were a record 8.3 million visits from the EU from January to April this year, up 7% on 2016.Strong growth has also been seen in holiday visits with a record 4.4 million visits from January to April this year, up 26% on the same period in 2016.VisitBritain says the latest flight booking data from ForwardKeys shows that bookings for international arrivals to the UK during the summer are currently tracking 12% ahead of the same period last year.Visitors from Canada made 828,000 visits to the U.K. in 2016 – up 17% compared to the previous year. This represents the highest visitor numbers since 2006. In 2016 Canadians spent £634 million across Britain, a new annual spend record.center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: VisitBritain Weak pound makes for a record April for overseas visits, spend to the UKlast_img read more

New banking consumer watchdog agency to open in November

first_imgRelated posts:Salary incentives and bonuses at public banks hurt credit options for small businesses, says comptroller general Executive branch asks public banks for a full report on salary incentives and bonuses Except for construction, bank loans in Costa Rica increased across the board in 2014 Coming Holy Week brings huge price spikes in seafood Not happy with your bank? Angry customers soon will be able to file complaints with a new Financial Services Ombudsman’s Office, which begins operating in November.The Costa Rican Banking Association (ABC), a group that joins all public and private banks, approved the creation of the office last week. They expect it to open on Nov. 17.ABC President Gilberto Serrano said associates agreed to respect all resolutions issued by the new agency.The office will resolve complaints related to most services offered by banks, except cases involving a third party, issues with investments, or complaints involving transactions totaling more than 100 base salaries (some ₡30 million or $55,000).The agency will consist of a Financial Services Ombudsman, a board of directors, a lawyer and a group of financial experts in charge of evaluating and resolving complaints according to Costa Rican laws and regulations.Serrano said the office will receive complaints from customers only if they are dissatisfied with solutions first offered by their banks.“If a customer decides to take a case to the Financial Services Ombudsman, the bank must provide all information and evidence related to the complaint within a period not exceeding five working days. The office then will issue a final ruling within 15 days and then will inform the parties,” Serrano said.Currently ABC members are working on logistics for the new office, including its location and schedules for the public. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Turkey walks out of Strasbourg meeting after GC property cases kept open

first_imgNicosia said on Friday it would wait to see the impact of a Turkish walkout on Thursday from theCommittee of Ministers of the Council of Europe after the body declined to close a number of cases concerning Greek Cypriot properties in the north.The Turkish delegation, CNA reported, walked out of the meeting towards the end of a three-day session of the Committee of Ministers, which is charged with supervising the execution of ECHR judgments.The protest was related to the discussion concerning Greek Cypriot properties in the north and Ankara hadattempted to end the supervision in some of the cases but had failed to persuade other delegations to pass a relevant decision.In a memorandum submitted before the June 5-7 meeting in Strasbourg, the Turkish government asked the deputies to instruct the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers to terminate the supervision of a series of property-related cases, including “Loizidou”, “Eugenia Michaelidou Developments Ltd, Michael Tymvios” and “Alexandrou.”A well-informed source told CNA that the Turkish delegation left in protest, as the Committee of Ministers could not satisfy its demands.Before leaving the meeting, the Turkish delegation made an oral statement, expressing its disagreement and said it would not cooperate with the Committee of Ministers in matters relating to the supervision of the execution of ECHR judgments.Asked about the impact of the statement, a government source told CNA: “We will have to see that in action.”The discussion at the Committee of Ministers involving Greek Cypriot properties is expected to resume next September.Earlier in the week, Greek Cypriot refugee Titina Loizidou asked the Committee not to close her file as her property in the north had not yet been given back to her as per a 1996 ECHR ruling though Turkey did pay the compensation.Loizidou had sent a letter to Strasbourg asking the Committee of Ministers to adjourn consideration of closing her case.Turkey had asked the Committee to take a decision to close the supervision of the case, following the damages paid to the applicant. Regarding the restitution of the property, Ankara said the immovable property commission, operating in the Turkish-occupied part of the island as a remedy.   You May LikeNewsxoxo7 Best Foods for Your Liver You Need to Eat!NewsxoxoUndoGladhealthyEating Avocado Is Good for You: 4 Health BenefitsGladhealthyUndoJobs in USA | Search AdsEver Thought of Working Online?Jobs in USA | Search AdsUndo Modi versus Wild: Indian PM to join Bear Grylls in wildernessUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoFresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Lauwers encourages residents to enjoy winter fun during free fishing weekend

first_img Categories: Lauwers News,News 10Feb Lauwers encourages residents to enjoy winter fun during free fishing weekend State Rep. Dan Lauwers today encouraged families to take advantage of Michigan’s fabulous frozen natural resources during free fishing weekend, Feb. 14 and 15.Lauwers, R-Brockway Township, said the Michigan Department of Natural Resources waives all fishing license fees during the weekend so residents and out-of-state visitors may enjoy fishing on lakes and rivers throughout Michigan. Lauwers said that in addition to Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair, there are plenty of smaller bodies of water in the 81st House District that hold populations of game fish.“This is an excellent opportunity for more experienced ice fishermen and women to introduce their children or grandchildren to this exciting winter sport,” Lauwers said. “Even if no fish are caught during an outing this weekend, families can enjoy the winter wonderland that Michigan becomes during the colder months.”All fishing regulations still apply during the free fishing weekend, Lauwers said.Lauwers said families should dress warmly if they venture out on the ice this weekend, adding they should take precautions to make sure the ice is thick enough for fishing.#####center_img Lawmaker: Pure Michigan opportunities aboundlast_img read more

House adopts Howrylak resolution memorializing the Fall of Saigon

first_img Categories: Howrylak News,Howrylak Photos 30Apr House adopts Howrylak resolution memorializing the Fall of Saigon State Rep. Martin Howrylak today introduced a resolution recognizing the week of April 26 through May 2 as Black April Memorial Week.“I am humbled for the opportunity to introduce this resolution to recognize the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives in this conflict and struggles of the Vietnamese refugees,” said Howrylak, R-Troy. “More than 2.6 million Americans fought in the Vietnam War, and it’s our duty to recognize their sacrifice as well as the sacrifice of countless Vietnamese citizens in the name of freedom for the Vietnamese people.”This year marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and the start of the eventual exodus of several million Vietnamese out of Vietnam after Saigon fell to the communists on April 30, 1975. Following the capture of Vietnam’s capital city, more than 800,000 Vietnamese citizens fled their country instead of living under the rein of terror and retribution exhibited upon the south Vietnamese citizens by the Communists from the north and the Soviet Union. Today, the United States is proudly home to a Vietnamese American community of more than 1.7 million people—20,000 of whom call Michigan home.“After many Vietnamese fled their country in hope of better future, at least 300,000 lost their lives in dangerous boats and at the hand of pirates,” Howrylak said. “It is important that we remember the past hardships and suffering, as well as recognize the achievements of Vietnamese-Americans.”Rep. Howrylak was joined at the Capitol by members of the Vietnamese American Association of Michigan, including its president, Hai Truong, and immediate past president, Vinh Duong.###State Rep. Martin Howrylak, R-Troy, was joined by honored guests of the Vietnamese American Association of Michigan, including its president, Mr. Hai Truong, as members of the Legislature and guests today recognized the week of April 26 through May 2 as Black April Memorial Week in Michigan. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975. On this date forty years ago, the invading Communist forces, in direct violation of the Paris Peace Accord, assaulted and took over the capital city of Saigon, thus ushering in a time of great tribulation in southern Vietnam. The week of April 30 is known by the name Black April amongst Vietnamese Americans and is used as a time of commemoration of the Fall of Saigon.last_img read more

Poleski sponsors landmark reforms to protect Michigan taxpayers and local communities

first_img30Nov Poleski sponsors landmark reforms to protect Michigan taxpayers and local communities Categories: News State Rep. Earl Poleski is helping sponsor a reform plan to move local governments out of the health insurance business and empower local employees to make their own health care decisions.Local municipalities across Michigan are drowning in debt due to unfunded liabilities.  For some communities, bankruptcy is a very real and looming possibility.“Unfunded liabilities are growing at a rate far greater than our local communities are able to support financially, and the problem is not going away,” said Poleski, R-Jackson. “If we don’t take action now, many Michigan communities will be unable to provide basic public services like police and fire safety.”As of 2014, unfunded Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) liabilities statewide were roughly $11 billion, taking up as much as 12 to 13 percent of local annual budgets.Poleski, who is also a certified public accountant, said the debt continues to grow each year due to increases in life expectancy and runaway medical expense inflation.The legislation only affects local governments with retiree health care costs that are less than 80 percent funded, the standard recommended under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs).Additionally, local governments may elect to place up to 2 percent of the employee’s annual salary into a tax-deferred account, which would become available to the employee upon retirement to purchase health care.Upon eligibility, all retirees must go on Medicare. The bill provides that locals may still cover up to 80 percent of costs for supplemental insurance.“We have an obligation to Michigan residents to provide our local governments with the tools they need to remain solvent, and fully operational,” Poleski said. “These bills will help restore our communities to good fiscal health and provide a fair measure of health care coverage for current and future local government retirees.  We can’t put off action until some future time; the future is here.”The package of bills now moves to the House Committee on Local Government for consideration.###last_img read more

Rep Wakeman applauds groundbreaking local public safety program

first_img Today, State Rep. Rodney Wakeman applauded the Saginaw Township Police Department for joining the Neighbors by Ring program to keep the local community informed with real-time crime and safety information. Residents can use the app to monitor local conditions, share safety and crime tips, and receive real-time alerts from law enforcement and their neighbors. The Saginaw Township Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in the state to participate in the program.“I commend the vision and proactive nature of our local law enforcement,” Rep. Wakeman said. “Building trust and community partnerships is key to preventing and effectively responding to crime. This is just one more tool to help keep our families safe. Thank you to the men and women of the Saginaw Township Police Department for all they do to protect us and strengthen our neighborhoods.”Residents can download the app for iOS or Android by visiting download.ring.com/saginawtwp or by texting “saginawtwp” to 555888 from a smartphone. 29Mar Rep. Wakeman applauds groundbreaking local public safety program Categories: Wakeman Newslast_img read more