World Bank report urges environmentally safe approach to Chinas development strategy

The report, entitled “China: Air, Land and Water – Environmental Priorities for a New Millennium,” points to three areas of success: broad-based and absolute reduction in industrial air and water pollutant emissions during the second half of the 1990s; the reversal of deforestation through massive investments in reforestation and afforestation; and the reversal of secondary salinization in irrigation areas through major control and prevention programmes.”These achievements are arguably unprecedented in any country at China’s state of economic development,” said Yukon Huang, the Bank’s Country Director for China. “Yet,” he added, “the battle is not even close to being won – environmental challenges are likely to get far greater and more complex over the next 10 years and the Government will have to re-orient its approach if it wants to make further progress.”The report, prepared by a World Bank team and assisted by technical specialists from 10 Chinese research institutes, universities and other organizations, reviews the state of the environment, assesses the effectiveness of the Government’s environmental protection work over the last 10 years, and makes recommendations on how to address the new challenges which will face the country in the near future.Among its proposals, the report urges moving from the current approach of mainly fixing the harmful effects of other development decisions to a more proactive strategy aimed at avoiding or minimizing the adverse environmental effects of development in the first place. read more

Police investigate possible hate crime after two Goth teenagers assaulted

first_imgPOLICE IN MANCHESTER are investigating a possible hate crime after two teenagers wearing Goth clothing were assaulted.One of the victims, a boy, was kicked and punched 17 times in just over 60 seconds. The second victim, a girl, was punched in the head.The assault was carried out by three teenage girls who, police said, acted without provocation.The attack happened outside a newsagents in Stockport on Tuesday night, but police have just now appealed for information as neither of the victims have come forward to police.The attack only stopped when a member of the public passing by on a bike intervened, and the offenders left the scene.Greater Manchester Police have asked the teenage boy to contact them so they can find out if the attack was a hate crime motivated by the clothing the victims were wearing.“Clearly we have to consider that as an aggravating factor,” said police spokesperson Steve Watson.Police in the UK have treated attacks on anyone belonging to an alternative sub-culture – such as goths, punks, or metallers – as a hate crime since last year.A hate crime is one in which a crime is committed against someone solely because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or membership of some other social group.Read: UK police to treat attacks on goths and punks as hate crimes >last_img read more