Change in Monitoring of H1N1 Human Swine Influenza

first_imgThe Department of Health Promotion and Protection is changing the way public health officials monitor and report cases of H1N1 (human swine influenza) beginning today, May 22. “H1N1 is behaving like seasonal influenza, so we are making our clinical approach to this virus consistent with the way we normally manage flu,” said Dr. Robert Strang, chief public health officer for the province. “However, the outbreak of H1N1 in Nova Scotia is not over. That’s why we are enhancing our surveillance efforts. It is important to track community spread and quickly detect any change in severity.” The move is consistent with the approach taken by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and other provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada. The province will continue close communication with district health authorities, public health professionals and work closely with federal, provincial, and territorial partners. Many experts believe that the H1N1 virus could return in the fall. It is also possible the next outbreak could be more severe. “We have a strong health-care system with highly skilled and caring professionals. We are well-positioned to manage any issues that might arise,” said Dr. Ken Buchholz, senior physician advisor with the Department of Health. “We will continue to work closely with the Department of Health Promotion and Protection, district health authorities and health-care professionals to ensure we are prepared.” Businesses large and small are also being asked to prepare for the fall flu season. All organizations are encouraged to ensure their business continuity plans are up-to-date with the most accurate information possible. Nova Scotians are reminded that everyone can help slow the spread of viruses through prevention. That means washing hands thoroughly and often, coughing or sneezing into sleeves, frequently cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces such as doorknobs and kitchen counters, and staying home if you have flu-like symptoms. These symptoms include fever, cough, severe fatigue, and head or muscle aches. The total number of cases reported in Nova Scotia since the outbreak began on April 26 is 70. All cases are mild and those affected are recovered or recovering. For more information visit .last_img read more

17yearold charged in armed robbery

A 17-year-old male from Hagerville has been charged in relation to a robbery that took place on June 15.The youth has been charged with robbery with a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, disguise with intent, and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.On  June 15 around 3:12 a.m. a male entered a business on Main Street North in Hagersville brandishing an edged weapon and demanded cash from the clerk.Members of the OPP Emergency Response Team and OPP Canine Unit assisted with the investigation.Through the investigation the 17-year-old male was identified. He was located on June 20 and arrested without incident.The identity of the male youth cannot be disclosed under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.He was held for a bail hearing at the Ontario Court of Justice in Cayuga.

Greed corruption and war in the global diamond trade

Blood on the Stone is a new book by Ian Smillie. It is a gripping account of the cartel, warlords, gun runners and shadowy traders who populated Africa’s bloody diamond wars, and the faltering, decade-long effort to clean up an entire industry. Smillie has lived and worked in Africa and Asia as a teacher, consultant, investigator and writer. For the past ten years his focus has been blood diamonds, the wars they fuel and the Kimberley Process-the global certification scheme designed to stop their illegal trade and carnage. This has taken him from the jungles of West Africa to the backstreets of Antwerp and a war crimes tribunal in The Hague, where he was the first witness in the trial of Liberian warlord Charles Taylor.Smillie has lent his expertise to several international organisations, including the UN Security Council Expert Panel examining the relationship between diamonds and weapons in West Africa and the Diamond Development Initiative, of which he is chairman.In this new book he tells the story of how diamonds came to be so dangerous, describing the great diamond cartel and a dangerous pipeline leading from war-torn Africa to the glittering showrooms of Paris, London and New York. The book offers readers an insider’s account of efforts to develop a campaign that would eventually force the industry and more than 50 governments to create the Kimberley Process. It concludes with a sobering assessment of the certification system, which has become hostage to political chicanery, mismanagement and vested interests.Some comments on the book include: “Required reading for anyone who still believes the diamond trade is only about love, honor and trust… A devastating, important work… Read this before you buy another diamond.” -Greg Campbell, co-author of Flawless: Inside the World’s Largest Diamond Heist “A masterly account of the dark side of the diamond trade. Smillie’s scalpel has cut very deep.” -Matthew Hart, author of Diamond: the history of a cold-blooded love affair “Smillie’s compelling narrative of the journey from teacher to prosecutor is touching and breathtaking.” -Peta Thornycroft, award-winning Zimbabwean journalistAfrica’s diamond wars took four million lives. Blood on the Stone tells the story.Contents: Glossary; Preface; Prologue; 1. Of Judgement and Cunning Work: Dirty Diamonds; 2. The River of Big Returns: Geology and History; 3. De Beers: The Delicate Equipoise; 4. Strange Plumbing: The Diamond Pipeline; 5. Angola: Another Distracting Sideshow; 6. Liberia and the Love of Liberty; 7. Sierra Leone: Diamonds in the RUF; 8. President Mobutu’s Ghost; 9. Enter al Qaeda; 10. Boiling Frogs: Companies in Hot Water; 11. Ice Storm: The NGO Campaign; 12. Kimberley: A Hope In Hell; 13. Endgames; Epilogue; BibliographyBinding: PaperbackPrice: £16.99 / $29.95ISBN: 9780857289636Extent: 252 pagesSize: 216 x 140mm / 8.5 x 5.5BISAC code: HIS001000BIC code: HBJHBlood on the Stone: Greed, Corruption and War in the Global Diamond Trade by Ian Smillie Ordering in the UK/Rest of the World Marston Book Services or Ordering in North America Books International read more