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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterAbercrombie & Kent has garnered a reputation for boundary-pushing luxury expeditions into wildernesses and exotic cultures since its founding  by Geoffrey Kent and his parents, Valerie and Colonel John Kent, in 1962. This year marks A&K’s 30th in Australia, and Sujata Raman, Managing Director of Abercrombie & Kent Australia, hosted an exclusive media lunch in Bennelong restaurant to celebrate the occasion on Wednesday 9 March.LATTE and other invitees enjoyed a meal of shared entrée platters (roasted carrot salad, cured Petuna ocean trout, David Blackmore bresaola and raw Hiramasa kingfish), mains of Murray cod or roasted new-season lamb and dessert of Pine-lime or chocolate cake, accompanied by Charles Heidsieck Champagne, Pooley Riesling from Tasmania and Clyde Park Pinot Noir from Geelong.During the lunch, Raman spoke of the new trends that have been emerging at A&K over the last 12 months. She cited in particular a growth in small-group journeys, limited to 18-20 people, and with guaranteed departures. A high level of repeat business requires a constant stream of new itineraries for travellers seeking the new and exotic, and has introduced 12 new itineraries to cater for these adventurers looking for interesting and different destinations. One of A&K’s core products are its private jet tours aboard a 757; Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannahs & The Amazon is a particular highlight, visiting the Amazon, Easter Island, Samoa, PNG, Bali and Komodo, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya and Monaco.The growth in travellers from the Antipodes led to A&K opening a dedicated New Zealand office late last year, and is complemented by increased interest in domestic travel. Other trends included a rise in celebratory travel to mark milestones with family and friends, and multigenerational groups. People want to be active, Raman noted. She also mentioned that the downturn of travel to Africa in 2015 is already growing once more.In 2017, A&K will introduce its newest concept, combining a cruise itinerary with exclusive land journeys. Three itineraries, organised as small-group tours hosted by a Tour Director and with guaranteed departures for a minimum of two guests, encompass some of the most fascinating landscapes: the Norwegian Fjords, the Amazon River and the Mediterranean and Adriatic.Tours commence March 2017 and ‘good will’ deposits will secure bookings so guests are encouraged to register their interest now.Costa Rica, Manaus & the Caribbean Isles with Seabourn Quest (pictured below): 27 days – March 2017 Italy & Croatia Cruise with Ponant’s Le Lyrial: 16 days – May 2017Norwegian Fjords & Iceland with Ponant’s Le Soléal: 18 days – June 2017Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

WatchGerald Butts and Justin Trudeau would finish each others sentences

first_img Reddit Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau ‘would finish each others’ sentences’ The two men forged their bonds in debate club. Trudeau said the experience helped convince him he wasn’t cut out for a career as a lawyer or a debater As a student at McGill University in the 1990s, Justin Trudeau sat down near some stone pillars and posed for a photo with another student, who decades later would emerge as the architect of his policies as prime minister — Gerald Butts.The two were clad in nearly identical attire — sandals, ripped acid-washed jeans and white T-shirts. Trudeau included the photo of them in his 2014 autobiography — an indication of how close the two have been.On Monday, after seven years hovering near Trudeau’s elbow as his chief advisor on policy and strategy, Butts resigned as Principal Secretary amid accusations that the Prime Minister’s Office interfered in the criminal prosecution of the giant Montreal engineering and construction firm SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. Though Butts called such accusations “simply not true,” he acknowledged that he had become a distraction and decided to remove himself.Having helped persuade Trudeau to run for office, having helped write the Prime Minister’s autobiography and having helped run his campaign, he departs as the SNC  scandal envelops the PMO.“There’s no denying this is a body blow to the government and the prime minister,” said Charles Bird, a former senior staffer to a federal Liberal minister and now a managing principal at the Toronto office of public affairs firm Earnsdale Strategies.“[Butts] was really key to the government’s policy agenda and what it’s been able to accomplish to date.”Neither Trudeau nor Butts would comment about how his resignation unfolded; Butts said in a statement on Twitter that he offered to resign and Trudeau accepted.In his own Twitter post, the prime minister said they remain friends and thanked Butts for his “integrity, sage advice and devotion.”In recent weeks, Butts had emerged as a central figure in the unfolding scandal. Earlier this month, the Globe and Mail reported that the prime minister’s office had pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to broach a settlement with SNC-Lavalin on charges its executives coordinated tens of millions of dollars in bribes to Libyan government officials to win contracts there. Though Trudeau denies interfering, Wilson-Raybould resigned last week, raising fresh questions about what had happened. Some reports suggest Butts had met and spoken to Wilson-Raybould about the case. Butts, usually hovering in the background, had moved front and center and faced new scrutiny.“When you’re in those jobs, you do your best not to become part of the storyline,” said Edward Goldenberg, a former chief of staff to Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien. “In parliamentary democracy, it’s for ministers to be part of the story, not staff.”What happens now, including who will replace Butts and how Trudeau will adjust to the change, remains to be seen.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leaves his office with his principal secretary Gerald Butts to attend an emergency cabinet meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. The two men, who met at McGill, forged their bonds in debate club. In an interview with McGill News, Trudeau said the experience helped convince him he wasn’t cut out for a career as a lawyer or a debater.  Nonetheless, in 2013, like a throwback to his college days, he was smack back in a debate while running the campaign that would land him in the PMO, and Butts was advising during each commercial break.“Butts … practically pinned his friend against the wall,” according to a 2015 Maclean’s profile. “He slung a jacketed arm over Trudeau’s shoulder and spoke in hushed tones, inches from his face. It wasn’t so much aggressive as intensely friendly — a boxer with his longtime coach — with Trudeau occasionally nodding at Butts’s words.”That helped reinforce a stereotype that Butts served as the brain of the operations while Trudeau provided the charming smile and personality to woo voters.Their life stories, are of course vastly different: Butts, 47, born to a coal miner and nurse in Cape Breton, graduated from McGill, and after earning a master’s degree even briefly pursued a PhD in literature at York University in Toronto. Before finishing his degree, he entered politics, rose through the ranks of former Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty’s office and later became chief executive of World Wildlife Foundation-Canada. From the archives: Why Gerald Butts is Justin Trudeau’s most trusted adviser William Watson: Too many Canadians think Trudeau is Superman (even if he doesn’t) Trudeau, meanwhile, the son of a former prime minister, pursued a career as a teacher after McGill until decades later, Butts helped convince him to run for office.According to a 2015 article in the Ottawa Citizen, as early as 2000, days after Pierre Trudeau’s death, the pair talked about the younger Trudeau running for office. The issue came up again throughout the intervening years, including over dinner in Toronto, where Butts lived with his wife and two children.“I often did get the sense that they often would finish each others’ sentences,” said Jonathan Kay, who helped Trudeau with his autobiography and was a columnist for the National Post.Kay said their personalities helped balance each other out, and the stereotype of Butts as the brains behind the operation is a mistake.“They were very much equals,” he said, adding, “when they’re together they balance each other out.”Butts, who is an avid twitter user even while occupying one of the highest positions in government, noted in his statement on the social media platform that one issue stands out to him as most important.“That issue is climate change,” he wrote. “I hope the response to it becomes the collective, non-partisan, urgent effort that science clearly says is required. I hope that happens soon.” Join the conversation → Email Justin Tang / THE CANADIAN PRESS Twitter Gabriel Friedman February 18, 201910:17 PM ESTLast UpdatedFebruary 19, 20197:20 AM EST Filed under News Share this storyGerald Butts and Justin Trudeau ‘would finish each others’ sentences’ Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Facebook More 14 Comments Commentlast_img read more